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The RIP Thread
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Neil Peart, the drummer of iconic Canadian band Rush, has died at age 67.

RIP to one of the worlds best drummers.

Rick Mercer interviews and plays with Neil Peart, funny little vid. Gonna miss Neil.
Manu Dibango (Musician)

Albert Uderzo (Asterix co-founder and illustrator)
RIP to all Coronavirus victims
Stirling Moss
Quote from streetracer111 :RIP to all Coronavirus victims

+1 One family member has died from coronavirus already and it seems far from being over yet
So sorry to hear that, mate Frown
Quote from sermilan :So sorry to hear that, mate Frown

Thank you, stay well my friend and same for everyone else

Sad to hear about sterling moss dying yesterday,legend
Two amazing musical talents have died this week, Florian Schneider from Kraftwerk and Dave Greenfield from The Stranglers Frown
Ennio Morricone (Composer and conductor)
Not someone famous but someone who was very important and a genuine decent guy and best mate for 20 years, RIP Paul Wilson aka The big Friendly Giant. life will never feel the same

You would've loved this, i think we had done you proud

The RIP Thread
(390 posts, started )