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I hate you sig.
Quote from The Very End :I hate you sig.

To be honest my old sig was you posting one of the funniest things I've ever read on this forum, so I figured I needed to redress the balance.
For every 1001 retarded comment I make there is one that shines... guess I'll have to do 854 more posts of pure crap first... blergh..

And I still canot drive the god damn Lotus 49 propper.. like 3 seconds slower than the fastest time on tracks with it :/
I thought I'd try and get most of those hot laps centralized, added most I could find on the past pages that got a photo or video. Ideally I'd like them all to have a replay (or video) at some point so if you got one hook me up with it.

(If you've got suggestions go ahead)
I hate generic html tables. I would personally change the double border away and give a background color. Sorry for nitpicking
HTML tables is pretty much as far as my skillset goes , if somebody is willing to web2.0 it I'm happy to take any help I can get.

I've made it border less with background now, I hope thats what you had in mind.
Quote from Nadeo4441 :I feel like the E92 drift stage is ruined by those gear ratios. 3rd is pretty much unusable and 2nd is way too short.

Both the E92 drift and E30 drift need different gear ratios, would love to be able to change more of the setup on both cars.
So they announced La Ferrari. Guess nobody really cares.
Meh, give me a Caterham, Ariel Atom or somethig like that..
Quote from fwanky :seems i cant get the RSR timing app to connect

still cant get this working

Comes with 1.0!

Standard setup I could knock a few more seconds off. Not sure if I could get under 6 minutes though
This penalty when you touch the grass is just the most annoying thing ever, you are already losing some time by that and then you get this penalty...
Quote from ImudilaSkyline :This penalty when you touch the grass is just the most annoying thing ever, you are already losing some time by that and then you get this penalty...

I agree. It needs to be a more advanted system, like zone checks. If a certain part of track is classified as a NO-GO zone and you touch it, then you get that penalty, maybe even a more severe one, but going off at the grass on a straight or OUTSIDE of a corner is not cutting track... So as current time beeing the system is very much flawed.
I don't get the penalty for touching the grass, meaning if i go too wide when preparing to enter the corner (Kimi @ Australia 2012 i think).. Only when i clearly cut the track.
What? I get it no matter where I am if all 4 wheels are outside the track. Sometimes, at least on Imola, it seems to be triggered with just 2 wheels off the track in certain areas.
Well yeah, 4 wheels offcourse I thought you mean like literrally just touching the grass What are you doing with four wheels off the track anyway :P I think there's no penalty when you do practice, just in hotlap..
Well you know... Well often it's on exit of corners, and I could see reasons for that. But sometimes it seem to trigger if you are just far out on the curp.

While other parts you can clearly cheat by using way too much of the track, so the system is not consistent

Kunos Simulazioni - Assetto Corsa
(8883 posts, started )