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Quote from Scrabby :Hmm, so no one had my problem?
I says on startup of the chosen car and track: joux-plane TRACK NOT FOUND and then just returns to main menu

Works fine here. I'll suggest to delete the Joux Plane folder and re-download and re-install it, using an different extractor. Just to be sure.
Never encountered any problems - extracted it,put both track folders into ac\content\tracks folder and could use the track with very next game launch.
Tested some of the cars at French stage
I like reversed version better

e30 std = nice
lotus exige v6 roadster = nicer
e30 DTM = undrivable because rock hard suspension, no setup adjustments can cure it
e30 s54 = pure sex
f40 = awesome with 90' tires
f40 s3 = more awesomeness, but hard not to crash
Formula Abarth = warp speed, like in those hillclimb single seater onboards + with adjusted suspensions, rides like a glue over bumps
I quite liked the E92 (Step 1 and Drift) there as well. Also agree with the reversed version.

Shall we pick a version (forward/reverse) and pick a car and then see who can go fastest?
I already posted one time to beat!
My god, that Lotus F1 car is mad! But fun too!
I trying to get the 1.29 on Monza 69 with it (special event), but I can't reach it haha! Keep getting stuck on 1.30 laps! Any ideas? Setup changes or do I just suck that bad?
Yea,that's the car we should drive in rally stage - the old lotus f1!!!
The reversed version is really awesome, even though most of the time I have no idea where I'm going
Noone has,unless he's experience RBR driver. And I'm not...
Quote from Eclipsed :I already posted one time to beat!

I beated your modern Ferrari with that old Chapman death trap

Urgh nevermind, extracted it to the wrong directory /mustreadreadme
Quote from kars19 :I beated your modern Ferrari with that old Chapman death trap

As the Ferrari isn't suited for that track due to the limited ride height, I'm not suprised by that. It just bounces around the track like a lowrider. Great fun never the less.

Did a clean 6:19 on my 6th try. I guess a good driver will find another 20 seconds on that track.

Just realized you guys didn't do the reversed version, must go do the normal direction now.
What makes this better than rFactor 2?
Did a 6.18 normal direction with the F40 on 90's tyres. Including this:

edit: Almost forgot yesterday I've tried the Zonda and did a 5.30 but that was with considerably less knowledge of the track.
Quote from Eclipsed :Did a double-Jack,but still managed to finish - it was more like survival then racing...

Flipped, but takes too long to redo it.
Just tried with the old Lotus - just over 7 minutes. Well,I guess it's also much about knowing the track - I could go flat out only in open places,where I can see much ahead,in woods I was just guessing,what's behind the trees.
Quote from DeKo :The input lag on that video is unbelievable, obviously doesn't seem to affect the driving though.

The guy have a hd5670 :P
Just can't stop driving Evora at Joux:yummy: Suspensions so supple, rotates so nicely off gas, mid engine layout just shines in twistys Can't stop driving Joux in general, ounce you memorize the majority of corners and get in the flov, this stage is just bliss didn't touch eany other track since installed that French porn Not hotlaping or drifting, just spirited driving, enjoying AC physics with different vehicles.
Is there a big time difference between which way you drive the track?
Reverse is faster (downhill)
Is there a list anywhere of what WIP AI and tracks/cars work reasonably well at this point?

Kunos Simulazioni - Assetto Corsa
(8882 posts, started )