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#1 - Bean0

Fri 09 September 2011
Practice 1 10:00 - 11:30
Practice 2 14:00 - 15:30

Sat 10 September 2011
Practice 3 11:00 - 12:00
Qualifying 14:00

Sun 11 September 2011
Race 14:00

All times local, UTC+2.

Race Date: 11 Sep 2011
Number of Laps: 53
Circuit Length: 5.793 km
Race Distance: 306.720 km
Lap Record: 1:21.046 - R Barrichello (2004)

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Was just about to post this thread
~12mins to P1

Edit: 40% chance of rain on race day, even possibility of thunderstorms Could prove to be fun.
Talking with a few work mates earlier and the point about DRS and how effective it will be came up. Since the teams are going to be running such small rear wings I can't see it being as dominant as it has been at other tracks.
Yeah, I think DRS going to be pretty worthless, the rear wing is TINY.
Buemi stuffed his Torro Rosso into the tyre barrier.

(practice 2)
#6 - CSF
Mercedes could have a good weekend here, seem to be alongside Ferrari in 3rd/4th place. But then again, Ferrari likes sandbagging. :P
I think it will be overkill for the mainstraight. Sure the relative downforce and drag reduction is smaller (comparing at same speed with the bigger wing) on the car because the wing is smaller but at the same time the speeds are higher.

The power requirement to overcome the the aerodynamic drag grows to the third potent of the speed (v^3). So while the relative effect is smaller it is somewhat countered by the increased speed which makes the drs more effective. The faster you go the more effective the drs is. As long as the speeds are sane.

And the mainstraight in monza is fast.

Will be interesting to see if Massa finally finds a way to pass rosberg in this race. In about all the previous races massa has got stuck behind the barbie german.
I think Sauber might be strong here, looking at the times, but we will see.
The problem is they risk being way down the grid if someone tries to do the high downforce set up with DRS, because the difference in qualifying im sure will be over a second.

Im sure you might see someone like Massa doing this.
Grr Vettel fastest for both p2 and p3. I hope for something different in qual. How awesome it would be to see Rosberg on pole
Historical F1 footage....yes

Oh and a mini feature on engines, plus a 1964 Ferrari. I like the coverage more now
Seems there all using DRS for qualiy..
Senna P10. Lets hope he dosn't barrel into the field like at Spa. And cmon Lewis and Jensen, please beat Vettel
My guess is it will either be Hamilton or Alonso that wins, Ferrari are running a super wide gear ratio which will make the car un touchable when using DRS.
I couldalmost bet my house that vettel has got some extra kit then webber here, monza isn't exactly the most skillful track and that time difference seems way too much.
Meh, I bet Vettel pulls out a massive lead on the first lap, as he seems to always do, and runs away from everyone else.

Either that or he ends up plummeting down the grid after a poor start.
Bah humbug, Vettel on pole...again. I'm still going for a Mercedes surprise for the race, though.
Quote from aroX123 :...

I started reading from the bottom and up, and by picture nr 2 I knew that you would be the one who posted this. lmao
I can't wait to see how will Schumi and Alonso do for first 10 laps with DRS in hand. I believe both could end up with 3-4 positions improvement in very short time.
"Press 1 to restart race"

What the hell happened first corner lol!

To HRT - You're doing it wrong!
Start is just OMG. Amazing Stuff Alo, and Hamo. And Petrov wooooot.

Edit: OMG its just insaness. Webber, Massa Contact. Vettel on the outside of Alo, now Schumie, Hamo and Alo battling for 2nd