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New Version : 0.6B
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Yes, keep the good work, Scawen and developers.
I've been waiting this afternoon for this patch/version.
Thank you so much, you're the best.
#27 - Davo
Looking forward to 240min of qual! Thx Scavier.
These updates are freaking amazing.

Thanks Scawen, Eric & Victor!
Good patch, gives us something to play with while we wait on "the big one". I specially like the open configurations and the new objects / all objects on all tracks
Feeding us with some excellent content! A big step forward before the next leap!
Thank you devs
#32 - 65D
Quote from Scawen :
BL : Repaired floating laptop on tool box in first pit garage

This is it what I have been waiting since 2009.
Thanks ! Great work! Keep it that way...
I predict many WR's going down!
Super! Thank you for all
please follow
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Congratulations on the new release. I'm sure we will all relish the new features/fixes and polish.

Thank you also for your hard work and tolerance over the last eight weeks - it really doesn't feel that long - The whole exercise has rekindled the LFS bug for many it seems. Long may it last...
#37 - SJB
Ehm... where can I find the dedicated server files? There was a link in every test patch thread...

Edit: Ah, forgot that the dedicated server is an addon... thanks google :P
Very nice work. The wait has been worth it.

Thanks for letting us all test it. Been a lot of fun.

Again, great work, thanks.
Excellent work.

Looking forward to the new physics.
Well, improved collision system mean improved physics so I´m quite happy with this patch(except the pits wall shown on replay somwhere above me)

btw. red barrier bug was legendary... shouldnt there be some console command to activate this bug?

P.S. almost forgot... Great work
Thanks for work Scawen. I have a problem, when selecting GT2 cars on AIRIO, the lapper shut down himself. this happen only with new patch. Any suggestion?
Sorry to take this off topic but in the email for the newsletter it said "write down your password and username......."

Sorry but this is very poor advice to give out. Regardless of how "not important" data is, credentials should NOT be written down. They should be MEMORISED.

Apart from that a great patch.
Great! I love the smell of new patch in the morning!

Too bad my PC has gone to Valhalla, I'll only be able to taste the new patch by the end of July... D:
Scawen, i am wondering of some invalid WRs that are still here.
For example those at SO3, some of them are invalid and there is no way to beat it with the new patch.
They must deleted...
I found a bug in Westhill reversed. In the box, if you press reset, the car is thrown into the middle of the wall that separates the track from the pitlane.
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New Version : 0.6B
(479 posts, closed, started )