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Render My Skin
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Quote from Zachary Zoomy :I hate to nag, but I really need these done!

ull have it about in about an hour. im realy sorry.
Here you go Zachary:
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Quote from Crashgate3 :Here you go Zachary:

wow! thanks a million!
@kyler you can still do one for me if you want. I'll give you a million thanks aswell.
Nice render Crashgate3.
Blitz Nomuken: your Skins
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My new XRR. nothing big needed.
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XRR_Rappa Z.jpg
thanks, i love the scene.
I've made new skins, Rally ones, Can someone render them with a nice Rally Feel with Dirt and the XRT's Rally Tuned or So, i just want a nice rally look, im gettin into it. These Skins are Public, So PLEASE use them. make me feel worth somethin. ... age=xrtrallyorangedy1.jpg Rename XRT_RallyOrange
Rename XRT_GTRallyMud
Can Someone Render these for me ?
What would make those brilliant to render would be if you kept the dirt as a seperate layer, so we can make a map of the skin plus dirt and a map that's just a white backgorund with the dirt. This second one can then be used as a reflection map to stop the dirt parts being shiny or reflective.
i have the PDN file of the skins with the dirt as a spereate layer, do you want me to delete the skins and reload them with out the dirt and keep the ones with ?
If you could make them as two seperate images, one with the brown dirt on the skin and one with the exact same dirt on a plain white background (same size image), that would be ideal
Ok i'll do that and i'll post it here, i'll just edit my post, do you want it transparent or a white background ?
White will do, as the reflection/specularity map is only greyscale.
k dude i got it. and by the way thanks for helping me with this
Tank you very mach!!!!!!!!!! Very nice work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:wow:
Hmm.. its not quite working - it might be because the wheels are too clean.
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Quote from LFS Drifter :k dude i got it. and by the way thanks for helping me with this

Dude, you should've told me you want the skin for a render...
Can Someone do my skin like in a drifting render well something like Caoz renders
Quote from PLAYAPIMP :Can Someone do my skin like in a drifting render well something like Caoz renders

WTF? where did you get Ectype for FZ?
Quote from squidhead :WTF? where did you get Ectype for FZ?

lol you know keisu (impofantasy) hes good friends with charlie so ask charlie or keisu
i was just thinking that too, looks as if whoever made it (Keisu?) has adapted it from XRT to FZ5/R :/

Either way, looks nice

Edit, 1000 posts :P
PLAYA!!!thats not charlies thats chris' bodykit and i would like to credit him for his bodykit.
yea he just told me that on msn so just covert it it cant be that hard

Render My Skin
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