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Render My Skin
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Am on it...

Fox Done, FZR in progress. Hope you like it, I've done the same car twice in each scene, so a rather different take on it than Ramtechs. Oh well

Okay, added the FZR too, so I hope you like them. Spotted a material error on the rear mesh, but it's too small to warrent a re-render anyhow (fixed for future renders).
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Star Wars Fox.png
Star Wars FZR.png
there.. both cars in same scene, i hope thats what u wanted!
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Thanks you so much, they are so awesome!
cool skins btw
Thank you, i spent almost 4h doing each of those skins.
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Thanks, that was fast!
there :P
nice skin btw.. i like it!
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woah ... thx for fast render =)
Could someone please render this skin?
My first skin ever, so tell me if you like it.
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Thanks Spurs.

Great job
Hi! could somebody render this FZR skin.
1024x768 2fzr in one pic. like the shell skin above.
is there enybody out there?
Thank you very much! Looks awsome!!!
Is there a tutorial on how to render these skins? Can I do it with 3dsmax?
Quote from mengy007 :Is there a tutorial on how to render these skins? Can I do it with 3dsmax?

yep, search for the LFSWiki tutorial..
and yep, 3dsmax will do
can someone render my new skin please?

preferably with 2 cars so you can see the front and rear as well as the sides

the skin is in 2048 high rez for better quality
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Render My Skin
(10002 posts, started )