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Is LFS Dying?
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Is LFS Dying?
Hi All.

Been away for a very long time, and just come back today. All i have noticed is how down hill LFS has gone. There are not so many races any more, or uses of all tracks.

I used to race on a FM server, and even that seams to have gone / no one in it.

Just wondered what everyone elses thoughts were?

Everyone is waiting for the new patch to come so they can start playing again
#3 - hp999
FM servers aren't dying. FoX JunkieS has always an average of 10-35 players online.
I'll just be mature about this and say 'Yes.' BUT when the new patch comes hopefully things will change.
yes its dying...
#6 - 5haz
Being computer software and not a living organism, its pretty safe to asume LFS was never alive.
It is most certainly not, maybe you could call this state as a "coma", but that's just because everyone was looking forward to the new patch. When devs ran into some trouble, some people bored with the current stuff quit playing. But that is very likely to change once the patch is out, we can only hope it will be soon
#8 - garph
At its current state, yes, you could say that.

Hopefully the update will sort it out though.
Q: Is LFS Dying?
A: Yes!
simple as that, now move on.

edit: And i somehow doubt that there will be any significant updates coming to change things around here.
So what trouble have they run into. Of course i have been a member for 5 years, but lost touch really around 18 months ago.

What racing game have people moved onto, as i can't really find another one that really compares?

Thanks again
No it's not dying...

It's in pause mode
there are better ones, netkar pro and iRacing for example...
also rfactor with certain mods.

Quote from chanoman315 :No it's not dying...

It's in pause mode

you must be the ultimate optimist.
is it dying or more like dead already?
Quote from marsden1002 :So what trouble have they run into. Of course i have been a member for 5 years, but lost touch really around 18 months ago.

What racing game have people moved onto, as i can't really find another one that really compares?

Thanks again

The new physics engine is apparently much harder to finish than it appeared and until this is done, all other updates we're waiting for are on hold. A bunch of morons screaming around "whare iz my patch OMG???" also didn't help .
I don't think there is any particular sim people moved on to, perhaps iRacing is a valid choice if you're willing to pay regular charges.
I've already said goodbye to the ground itself. i am more of a flight simulator addict nowadays.
yes it is, now lock
The sad truth. :worried:
#19 - 5haz
More worrying, while you are all whinging and crying about the same thing for the hundreth time, your own lives are slowly passing by. :doh:

LFS is the only game that I play (at the moment)

There is no other alternative...
But then aren't we we all from the day we are born? Aren't we all slowly shuffling through life as a cog in a machine till we are determined no longer fit for purpose, only to be put into a home by the cold, heartless bar-stewards that you called sons and daughters that you raised through life, hoping and willing that they would have a better life then you did and avoid the pitfalls that you fell down, only to watch them make the same mistakes.

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Then one night, you face up that the only way out is either in a mental rampage through the nursing home...but your arthritis means that hold and firing a gun makes it a no-no...leaving the only option of an overdose of sleeping pills, you sit yourself down and take a handful and lie back. You feel the effects take over and know that you are on the way out....however your last act is just before your last breath you fart but follow through, meaning that the poor nurse in the morning going to get a awful shock when she tries to wake you for the porridge in the morning. Oddly this makes you smile as it all ends.

I've got to stop listening to The Smiths after drinking a couple of Magners....
lets all head over to the gt5 line
Not dying, cuz leagues, insims, and hopefully rockingham
20,000+ players a week obviously think the answer is no...
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Is LFS Dying?
(292 posts, closed, started )