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New Tyre Physics (work in progress)
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New Tyre Physics (work in progress)
Hello LFS Racers,

We are pleased to announce that a new tyre physics model is currently in the testing and refinement stage.

Many community members have been wondering what happened to the release of the new VW Scirocco and why there was no news about it. Here are the reasons why :

While we were working on the Scirocco in December, we found that we could not make the LFS model handle as well as the real car. One of the reasons for this was that the LFS tyres had too much grip and this was causing the inside wheels to lose too much load while cornering. But simply reducing the grip would not have been a good approach... the result would have been just the same old LFS but at lower speeds.

We decided to look into a completely new core tyre model.

For several weeks it was just research and mathematics on paper, then the implementation started. A lot of old programming needed to be removed and refined in order to allow the new model to slot into its place. Next was the early refinement stage, at first seen only by the developers, while the main issues were sorted out. During this period we did not want to make any announcements about what we were working on, because it was possible that the new tyre model would not really work out. That did seem less likely as time went on, as more of the problems with the old tyre model came to the surface. The new LFS tyre model has a good mathematical basis for the way forces are produced from the physical state of the tyre, resulting in improved handling and feel with greater realism.

After some time we got to a stage where we felt the model was a clear improvement on the old physics. We updated all the default setups to use realistic values that would be found on similar real world cars and finally released it to our beta testers. Their verdict is unanimous : the new tyre physics model makes the cars much better and more realistic to drive.

There is quite a bit of refinement to be done and other aspects of car physics to update. Also the traction control and stability control of the VW Scirocco still need to be updated. So we cannot yet give a release date. This news item is intended as a progress report and to assure you that Live for Speed will be better when you do get the update!

A reminder :
- The new physics will be a free update for all LFS users
- The VW Scirocco will be available to S1 and S2 license holders
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edit: now that I've actually read the post.. sounds awesome, can hardly wait for the test patches, let alone the major update

edit2: aw, can't find any easter eggs in the screencaps
Good to have some news Scawen! Good luck with that


E: James, thanks for correction, the finally was in positive mood hehe
Nice to have an official word on whats going on behind the scenes, very good news!!
Yeeehaaa, that XRT is so sexy
Sounds good. Thanks for letting us know.
i new the car was not the only thing slowing you down, have you done anymore work on bumpers/wings falling off?
#13 - feat
More than awesome! That is what we needed all this time. Cheers!
Good to hear from you Scawen. I think this should finally stop all the moaning from some of the users. I can still not believe it´s a ingame screenshot when I see a Scirocco on a LFS track. It somehow seems not possible to me, I think I´ll have to get used to it first.
OMAGAWD!! Thanks for the update! Looks great!

Awesome news! can't wait.
And to all those that thought the devs were just sitting down, scratching their arses... 's
Ha! Look at that XRT leeeeean
Quote from lukelfs :OMAGAWD!! Thanks for the update! Looks great!


pfft :P

but still, OMAGAWD!
Yes, finally. We had been living in unknown period and now everything is clear. Sweet.
Quote from Xaid0n :Ha! Look at that XRT leeeeean

Yeah, to pure LFS players like me it looks kind of wrong, although it´s only realistic. I´m looking forward to the next official patch.
Damm it!!! i can't wait!
I can't say I'm not looking forward to the new patch now

It might stop me failing so bad..........

maybe you should keep some things as surprises
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New Tyre Physics (work in progress)
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