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Monaco was in GT4, so it'll be in 5.
Quote from Boris Lozac :It's kinda small number for real tracks Instead of doing 456 different Skylines, they could've done more real tracks, like Monaco (not sure if it will be in), some of the F1 tracks, like Turkey, Montreal etc..

It takes them 1 year to create a real life track from scratch, at least the Tokyo track did, due to the detail levels required. So unless you want to wait a few more years then be happy with what you get

If it has 20+ real tracks, that's a good number as is. Many games have that as a total, and certainly more real tracks than any other GT game. GT4 only had 8 real circuits, 40 total. Well 9 if you count the Monaco (Côte d'Azur)

I find most the fantasy tracks a better drive anyway...
As long as Tsukuba is in, I'm happy

I want more point to point tracks in real life locations, mountain roads and what not
see 0:35
Quote from CoolColJ :
I want more point to point tracks in real life locations, mountain roads and what not

Oh yes.. i'm not a drifter or anything, but i would fckin love some mountain, touge tracks, like that one from Forza 3.. as long as possible.
Stelvio Pass?
or the transfagararararaaaaaaarrrrr...
Some road in the Stelvio pass area seems to be in, as seen in the FT-86 trailer - fingers crossed
Gran Turismo + Nasca = Epic Fail.
Where should I start?

I realize that in Gran Turismo 5 will a lot of beatiful details and hopefully physics as well. But what I see in Gran Turismo 5, is crash model. I really don't like it. It's unrealistic what I have seen in trailers. I don't know actually what to expect in Gran Turismo 5 case though.

Quote from 65D :Where should I start?

I realize that in Gran Turismo 5 will a lot of beatiful details and hopefully physics as well. But what I see in Gran Turismo 5, is crash model. I really don't like it. It's unrealistic what I have seen in trailers. I don't know actually what to expect in Gran Turismo 5 case though.

We'll probably find out in a few months time at E3. Nobody knows what the real GT5 is going to be like yet
Quote from 65D :Where should I start?

I realize that in Gran Turismo 5 will a lot of beatiful details and hopefully physics as well. But what I see in Gran Turismo 5, is crash model. I really don't like it. It's unrealistic what I have seen in trailers. I don't know actually what to expect in Gran Turismo 5 case though.

I'm guessing you mean visual damage, who cares, it's not even necessary, what matters is mechanical damage.
ATLEAST its something better than forza
I read this old interview, and contrary to what people think, Kaz is aware of Forza and what it has, but they're not trying to compete with it feature set wise. Quite a good read, lots of stuff I was not aware of actually
Looks like Prologue changed a lot from this interview's pics to what we have
http://archive.videogamesdaily ... zyamauchi_iv_oct07_p1.asp

some highlights

Quote :Kikizo: Could you give us your opinion on Forza MotorSport 2 for the Xbox 360, and in particular, the ability to reskin your car in very great detail - are you going to have this degree of superficial car customisation in GT5?
Yamauchi: Straight off the bat, I think that in terms of feature sets, Forza is ahead of us. They have more options, you can do basically anything. We take a different approach obviously - we try to concentrate on what are the core values for a racing game, and we try to elevate those standards up as high as we possibly can. I am having difficulty trying to explain the differences, but one way you can look at it is, you can buy a watch that is super multifunctional, but economical, or a watch that is reduced in functions, but premium - higher end.

Quote :Yamauchi: I think they have different levels of damage, perhaps depending on their relationships with each of the brands. What I mean is, there is still a limitation that still exists within the agreements that we have with car manufacturers, even with the example of Forza; one car will be more damaged than another, and that is probably because they are limited with that brand. And that would apply to us as well. To clarify, our main objectives are to raise the bar for AI, physics, car modelling, sixteen cars on the track, 1080p, 60fps, these kinds of things - the core of the racing game category, we want to bring the standards to a high level. Of course, on our road map, yes we have damage, we have changing weather etcetera, but we will get to that once we build our pillars first; those are details that you can add afterwards.

Quote :Kikizo: Does the AI make mistakes now? Or is there a dynamic element to the AI opposition drivers, now that you have more power with PS3, so that it is more authentic in a race?
Yamauchi: The simple answer to that is yes. But in reality when you design the AI, the most difficult part is to make sure that all of the opponent cars are driving and trying to keep their positions without bumping into each other, or destroying the race. It is actually easier to incorporate, for example, what a driver would do under pressure and things of that nature, but we need the core bit done first, to allow for that. The AI has also been redesigned completely; it had to be; the new AI drives the opponent cars more smoothly throughout the track.

Quote :Yamauchi: So, the front end of the game is quite different and unique this time. The standard configuration before was that you would have a title screen and then a game mode underneath, inside the game mode second layer would be to select the track, select the car, but now, it's a big difference. This was our answer when we studied, what happens when we combine the Gran Turismo experience together with the online feature set. In a nutshell, the user has his own 'Mypage' within the world of Gran Turismo. For example, players can collect their favourite cars and their favourite background image to be part of their Mypage.
The one I showed you happens to be a background showing a town in Germany near the N�rburgring track, but eventually we will have background scenes for Tokyo city at night, London, whatever - a variation of locations, and various cars that the users can select and combine to use as the background for their Mypage. Looking at the top of the Mypage, you will be able to put on the global map where you are located, it will display your time zone in your local area, and you will be able to see other players online who you have met - maybe someone in London or so on - and you will see on the map where they are, their time zone, and their weather, and it gives a more intense experience by getting to know them online. The scheduler you see here will help players do their schedule management, remind you of race events that are coming up, and things of that nature.

Quote :Yamauchi: If we then look at the icons at the bottom, we can start the race - very straightforward; the next one is Garage, again something you may be familiar with in the GT franchise, it's the collection of cars you have obtained within the world of GT. Just like in previous GT, when you start the game, there are zero cars in your garage, but as you play and build experience, you will obtain more. The next icon is TV. To give you a conceptual idea, this is a mix of car related video material - it could be a famous TV show that covers cars, it could be in-house Polyphony-created video features, it could be something car manufacturers give to us, asking us to make it part of the content - it's something people can come to when they want to watch car-related things of this nature.
The Album is another feature that is part of the user's profile, for example in Photo Mode you can take still photos of your experience in GT, and you can put them in there to show to your friends. The same applies to any of the replay movies from in the game experience, for example I can post my best lap time from Nurburgring and show it to my friends, and challenge them to beat me. The final icon we have is Home. We are trying to create a seamless experience between Home, within the PS3 environment, and for players to be able to seamlessly go interact between the Home environment and the GT environment.

I like the idea of the whole "MyPage" thing, it sounds cool. But i'm not sure if it's really what we need in a racing game.
it's all about the whole car nerd experience

I always wondered what cars Kaz has - well the info is here ... _turismo_5/formula_d.html

Quote :How do you like the new GT-R?
I have one. It's a very fine car, but I'm waiting for the Spec V to come out.

What other cars do you own?
I have a Porsche GT3, a fully tuned Z33 and S2000, a Mercedes SL55 AMG, and a Ford GT.

What have you done to the Z33?
Mainly body modifications. It has a rollcage and the body's been reinforced. The sheet metal in the front of the car is twice as thick to increase rigidity. The engine is normally aspirated and puts out 355 ps. What I wanted is a high-performance car that doesn't have body roll, but is very comfortable to drive. It took almost a year for all the chassis modifications to be completed.

Did you ever take it to the track?
Yes, of course! I ran a 1:04 at Tsukuba in my fully tuned Z33, and a 1:01 in my carbon-fiber S2000.

Wow. What's been done to the S2000?
A lot. All the body panels are now made of carbon. It weighs 930 kg (2,050 pounds) and puts out 280 ps, and is really easy to drive. Opera did all the work.

So, will we be able to win a Kazunori-spec Z33 or S2000 in Prologue pretty soon?
The Amuse GT1 aero kit is in the game already. I designed that body kit. The body kit I designed for the Z33 is also in the game.

some possible insider info - but no way to tell if this guy is legit, guess we will find out soon

Quote :
From what I've seen tyres get deformed and can also tear & shred during massive crashes like in NASAR, the deformation of super-cars is as real as it gets.
I've also seen rain in action and it truly blew me away. The individual droplets of rain pouring down on the windshield actually cast shadows on the top of
the dashboard and the physics during rainy conditions become ultra hard (as in extremely real in simulating driving on a wet road).
In WRC the tracks gradually deform from your tyres and it stays that way all in real-time. When it starts to rain the ground gradually becomes very muddy
causing it to stick to the side of the car and it also builds up on your tyres. Barriers are fully deformable and you can fly well off the course, not to
mention that wipers can be activated to wipe off mud on your windshield.
Lighting has been greatly improved and the graphics of every track in the game has been improved 20x's over from the current build you guys are seeing on
mimiximax's YT channel, PD have also over come those fuzzy shadow problems. The showroom looks very different (but it's only a test) and the textures within
every cars cockpit have been vastly improved, hand cross over animations have come back, but this time the animations look very solid and incredibly real.
Animations for gear shifting looks 10x's better and there's no more hand clipping with the steering wheel. There's now a new animation for scrolling down
windows which brings a new element of PD's GT5 engine, 'dynamic sound' meaning PD can accurately capture the sound of a car from the inside with the windows
scrolled down having sound coming in from the outside at the same time. Cars zooming by with your windows scrolled down sounds very very real and during
rainy conditions rain can enter your car if your windows are scrolled down (that just blew me away seriously).
Grass can tear and flick up in the air and muddy grass gets stuck on your tyres and suspension. During night races rain can still be seen with your
headlights reflecting light off of the rain drops. Animations for switching you wipers on have also been added.
PS-Move support has been added for pit stops and rough driving animations have been added such as the drivers hands and arms shaking (this feature is greatly
shown off in WRC).
There's tons of more info and it's coming soon. The game is 97% complete.


I work for Sony in the SOE devision (Sony Online Entertainment) and I got to see the game in person at PD's studio. PD are heavily focused on GT5's online
components and I had to be there 2 weeks ago and during my stay tons of info was revealed to me and I had actually seen a completely brand new build of the
As I said features like window scrolling may be removed or become an option (I personally find it pointless) but what I said about damage is solid info.
The PS-Move support for pit-stops is currently in the testing phase since the PS-Move dev kits came over a week before I went to PD's studio so it hasn't
actually been fully utilized yet.
The build that I saw has been in PD's studio for about a month & a half but the builds shown at CES10 weren't very new to begin with.

Give me a break, it sounded legit until scrolling the window down, and rain going inside.. rriiiighhttt, he had me going for a minute..
AI swerving to avoid player

Does this mean... GT finally has intelligent AI? *gasp*
They did that in GT5P already, or does my mind play tricks on me?
Quote from Boris Lozac :Give me a break, it sounded legit until scrolling the window down, and rain going inside.. rriiiighhttt, he had me going for a minute..

Yeah, I hardly believe any of the things that Qoute says. Who knows, maybe it may all be true, but I doubt it.
Mind you, the game has been in development for like... ever.

So I think some of it may have been true, but I think that some of it may have been exagerated.. (Rain coming into your car... WHY!?)
Hmm, I remember rolling down your windows in TDU1. With realistic engine sounds, it was great to have them down all the time!

GT5 better have realistic engine sounds for that feature to have any affect.
Ooo! I remember that, I found a glitch and got them stuck halfway

I think that the windows should come down (for road cars) if you're racing in a sunny environment, then when it starts to rain they come back up (with nice electric window sounds, yeah![bzzzzz]). That's if it's even in the game

Gran Turismo 5
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