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ipod nano 6. generation 8gb

ive got CS: GO as well...but i suck at it (my first CS anyway...)
Quote from [RCG]Boosted :ive got CS: GO as well...but i suck at it (my first CS anyway...)

First CS? no faking way
Ticket to Swedish House Mafia: One Last Tour for an absurd amount of money.
Quote from undertaker00 :First CS? no faking way

sure thing...played W:ET instead back in days of the old CS parts
I had to fill my truck. 95 litres of derv at 143.9p/l means I have 136.71 less in my wallet.

It was quite funny though, I walked in to pay and like everyone I have no idea how much fuel I put in, I just run it until it clicks then go pay. The woman behind the counter was "are you sure it is that pump?" because it was a fair few pounds more than I normally put in (45-50 a week). T'was all "yeah, that sounds right" the young lass, maybe 16-17 on the other till was all "dafuq!?!?" at the thought of someone putting in that much fuel. Especially as I shaved so look about 14 myself.

The joys of running a big vehicle.
Entry Fee for the sunday's race on Autodrom Most

Armada TST


Salamon STH 12 Driver

Quote from KiRmelius :Won't work if he's already fat. That, and often security guys (or gals) like to touch people. They'll probably find it.

This method usually works better:

(its not salz )

For project silence:

We all know it's coke and a tiny tractor, stop pretending to be stupid.
Definitely boughted it.

Post your Last Purchase!
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