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Quote from R34king :I wana see the engine bay! if its non turbo jesus christ what a waste of money with the JUN kit

So to have a bodykit u MUST buy a turbo first so everyone can see and here u are fast?
Quote from Scrabby :
oh BTW Clutch u noob. It's a REAL JUN bodykit not a BN-sports....

Wtf? i never said it had a BN kit you ****ing retard.
And you call ME a noob?

Lay off the crack

Quote from R34king :Well.. In my eyes A R33gts with A full fake BN kit? is a bit of a ricer then again i dont like R33's fullstop

My Bad lol

And you should stay off the pills you Junkie
A junkie is a opiate addict.

Pills are not opiates.

You're pretty stupid, eh?
Quote from BastianB :driving fast in a game or in real life is a bit different you know i was on some private training track with it yesterday and all i can say is lol it really has an incredible handling, its understeering even in the faster corners lol

Well of course I do. It's even more enjoyable IRL.

But it doesn't change the fact that saying your Punto is faster than XFG is a mistake. Like I said it isn't a real car, but if it would be. It is fairly quick in LFS, so it would be IRL too.

Little comparison, your Punto does 0-100 in ~14 seconds, and the XFG does it in ~8 seconds.

Or we could also think it like this. If we could put your Punto in LFS, it still would be as slow as it's IRL. It would still understeer like you explained and the XFG with it's slightly oversteery handling would completely flee from your car. In the straights and in the corners.

My first car, bought it yesterday

Sorry for the phonepictures, dad is on holiday with the Fuji Finepix

Now slam it

Let's not talk about engine size, some people freak out at it lol
Dont "slam" it, your just going to upset the geometry and ruin a nice handling car.

Nice first car though! Congrats!
Great, i want one like that too! Nice Jesper.
Quote from nathan_french_14 :dont "slam" it, your just going to upset the geometry and ruin a nice handling car.

Nice first car though! Congrats!

thou shall be slammed!!!
Posted it on lfsd yesterday, a copy of the post:

About time I've posted mine.

It is e30 325i that I bought from Tommy (Saiko D team mate). Car specs are:
engine: stock m20b25.
susp: poliurethans "from Olkusz" (polish ones, not powerflex), cheap sport dampers and springs.
interior: stripped, bucket seat, seatbelts, steering wheel.
diff: 4,1 final gear ratio, welded.

The car was build by Tommy, all I did was get a welded diff (it came with 25%).

Mini "promo" (too big word for that) that I've made on friday from footage* I gathered so far. Footage is from Dexter, Simon, Blackfinch (bluewind and borsuk), TazO, Adamat, Driftingo. It's not much, but I will keep practicing and someday I will get there, maybe with a more powerfull car as well. ;D

youtube - kamkor drift "p ... bmw e30 325i budget dori


last 4 pics from this gallery:
Nice movie and pictures! Go Kamil Go!
Nice video

It's my baby
Nice car! Take off that ///M badge though.
Quote from Nathan_French_14 :Nice car! Take off that ///M badge though.

I've taken one off lol, theres a mark in the grill if i take the front off. so i haven't yet..

Was about to go out and have my first photoshoot of my car.. instead this happened:

backed into my sisters' truck... fml
Ouch! The damage does'nt seem that bad though. The most expensive part is going to be that light. The bumper can be repaired with abit of Tcut and touchup paint, as it does'nt seem to be bent.

Unlucky nuse!
Quote from antil33t :

[ snip E30 goodness ]

It's my baby

Nice.. and even better, the correct number of pots

Shame you're not closer as I have a spare set of 15" BBS alloys I'll be looking to shift shortly

Don't know what it'd cost to ship a new grille piece though.. I have a few of these in my lockup and a few sets of smiley headlights. Personally I'd replace the '320i' badge on the boot though.. just for authenticity.


I did an experimental night shoot... here's a few new ones of the touring. It had had a wash in the morning, but 8 miles along the A40 and the screen was covered in bug carcasses again


I see no pics?
Quote from Ian.H :Will be back shortly.. just updating PHP




"This forum requires that you wait 60 seconds between posts. Please try again in 35 seconds" *click click click*


@Ian I'd love a set of 15" Weaves

They're somewhat rare here.

Shouldn't be too hard to get a grill, just have to be bothered... replacing the factory airbox, (de podfiltering)

I might put the 320i back on.. But I'm interested in doing a 2.5L swap

Also - your touring is hot love it.

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