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Quote from logitekg25 :sorry but thanks

EDIT: i got my first skin done with the good techniques/advice, and this is the result.i kinda dont like it, but it is an improvement (the side vinyl was hard )

The carbon looks realy fugly
how should i start out to be a good. (p.s. sorry for hi-jacking the thread)
Change the carbon texture, and where you put decals; other than that, a good improvement. Carbon isn't bad, you just have it WAY too big.
i just googled carbon fiber, and one of the first results was a texture ...what about the decals? (i need an idea/insperation for a new skin)
Master Skinnerz is your friend, make that your god.

And where you placed your decals, they are warped by the cars shape, or unreadable. The logitech one can't be read, neither can the one on the front.
i noticed that, but i figured that was just because i did no know the curves of the car so another lesson is you need to know the shape, and how every body panel bends. i think another one of my problems is that i think of every panel individually, not the whole car as one.
use the cmx viewer as you are making your skin.

As your skin progresses save it as a jpg and load it into cmx viewer (click the reload button in viewer every time you re save it), that way you can see how things line up, check for stretching or spot any other errors before its too late. Also leave the wireframe layer on top when you save so it shows on the car in viewer and then you can see what part of the car the wire frame is lined up to.

Just remember to save a psd of it when you've finished skinning so you can go back and edit it
i never thought of it like that but i like the surprise of how it looks when it is done can you guys look at my new thread so we are not off topic in this thread clickety
Quote from logitekg25 :i did not modify anybodys skin and i made one decent skin (once) and it is my own personal XRT skin (it is alrite in my opinion) is it bad for my 3rd real attempt at a skin?

Quote from nwug :pleas dont ever edit a car skin again

Oke my fault, nwug said to you , Stop editing skins. I took that the wrong way. So my fault, I apologize for that.

But at least you took the advice serious enough. I never said your skins are bad but I said they could be better when you use the proper (highres) decals and stuff. Skinnng isnt gonna learned in a day. Its a slow process but a fun process.
i diddnt take offense to anything anybody said...except what nwug said a little , but sometimes the low res logos/decals are the only ones i can find
:jawdrop: that is completely perfect!
Quote from logitekg25 :I think another one of my problems is that i think of every panel individually, not the whole car as one.

Intelligent thought right there.

You better design the skin from a screenshot, paint over it or overlay it if you have photoshop, decide on the flow THAN work in the actual template.
i have gimp, and dont feel like getting attached to photoshop with a trial, to then end and force me to pirate

can somebody give me a car to try to copy in a skin? i will then post it in the apropriate finished skins section.
thanks a ton! i will get right on that for the...hmmmmm XRG has got the most of the shape but it is too slow, so the FZ5 i guess do you got a picture of the back?
lol...well, i diddnt exactly know what it was called
either way i am working on computer is SOOO slow that it is near impossible though :gnasher:

EDIT: ok i finished with it please go to the nearest ofocial FZ skin thread immeadiately
VWS Jet Alliance
VWS Jet Aliance converted from the Porsche Spa Franchorchamp edition.
Enjoy, remove (...) from skinfile before uploading.

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VWS Jet Alliance.jpg
how did i know this thread is bumped soon because of the news
i had the same feeling. son the texture spamming for the wws will begin soon (I think)
Cool skins!
How to drive VWS? It's not in car menu...

VWS Skins
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