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Colin McRae Dirt 2 !
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The first part with the donut definitely is not ingame. The reason why it looks weird is because it clearly is just animation / render, where they have put the car 3d model to make that movement and then just added spinning tires etc. to make it look better, clearly there is no physics calculation or anything going on.

Probably if you go and do donut in the actual game it's not going to be realistic / natural looking then either, but well you maybe got my point.
Quote from Velociround :Well, do you remember the GRID trailers everyone though were renders? They were not.
The first part of this trailer though seem to be a render, but everything else I believe it's real game footage.

oh yeah, the technik is now so far that the most (big) games dont need to get edited or even renderd like THIS one to get THIS... i just think of nfs shift. i saw the first pics and thougt wtf thats 100% renderd. well i got teached something different now

and i think 2009 and 2010 will be wonderfull years for graphics if i think of BFBC2 (but not for lfs *pic of little kid whining*)

Edit: i dont think the first part is renderd and i think it looks strange simply BECAUSE ITS MORE ARCADE THEN DIRT 1 GRRRRRRRRRRRRR
'ey codemaster is cashing in after colin's death?
Quote from vrooom :'ey codemaster is cashing in after colin's death?

if they would relase a dirt 2 - RBR physics, i would be they biggest fan
Quote from vrooom :'ey codemaster is cashing in after colin's death?

Yes, Mcrae's family said they should keep making these games.
Actually, watching that ingame footage, I am quite impressed. The physics look way better than Dirt1, just from what I saw, I could be completely wrong. Atleast, judging by that video, the sounds will be infinitely better!
Looks ok, but they are cutting so much in the video, with short clips and such that I canot manage to get an impression on how's the physics are.
Whether the physics are perfect or not I do now know, but what I do know is, they look much improved from that footage of Dirt2 than the original Dirt.
I like the impression of speed, hope it works well also in the other camera veiws.
Also looks promissing, if not realistic it probally can offer some great / fun racing either way
If the driving physics itself are FUN, then I don't care if it's unrealistic
I think this game could be a good rally racer, but after E3, I have lost interest in any other game that isn't Blur, NFS SHIFT or GT5.
Blur?.... omg lol
Quote from Furiously-Fast :Waddya mean omg? It looks tight. Take a look at this E3 trailer.

It has a transit!

But seriously, it looks like MC:LA, and and love that game, so I think will love (at least like!) this too!

It doesnt look that good, i dont know why car companies say yes to having their cars put in a game with stupid stuff such as EMP charges.
My favorite was Colin McRae 4 and 5, im just hoping Dirt 2 wont dissapoint like the first did.
Cause lets face it no one likes being dissapointed.
Sorry for the mega bump, just saw this and thought I should post it. Looks pretty good in my opinion. I don't expect it to be incredibly realistic but it certainly looks like they have taken huge steps forward especially physics wise since the original Dirt. ... rsearallycross_71509.html
Colin Mcrae Rally 1/2

Best of the Playstation Mcrae series (of course i'm biased because there was a Sierra Cosworth)

and xbox Mcrae rally 3 was sweet and I still hold many top times for nearly every stage lol... wow.. how sad..
already saw the vid few days ago.
looks nice and fun but imo the engine sound seems to be a bit strange sometimes
Quote from BastianB :already saw the vid few days ago.
looks nice and fun but imo the engine sound seems to be a bit strange sometimes

Me too, I also wondered if the sounds are correct :/
The visuals look awesome, but the framerate seems low. I hope that is just the video.

If they include alot of rally cars, then it could seem like an interesting rally game!

Colin McRae Dirt 2 !
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