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LFS UK Karting Meet 2008 - Post event discussion
Home sweet home. Re the race: Grrrr for self pwnage! I had loads of fun, it was one of the more enjoyable races I ever had. Real high quality field and lots of good race craft to contend with on my recovery.

Should I make some server space for uploading all the pics or something or are you guys ok for space?
Let's start a new thread to keep things tidy - that old one has got big enough.

I have to say, it was an excellent day, with equally excellent people. We've had fast, clean racing in the go karts, good talking at the pub, good drunken banter in town, and a good laugh racing back here.

We've got to wait for Ian to sort out all the photos from the day (he took 460!), but I took a couple of shots in the evening when people got back here, which will have to do for the meantime.

Also here is the results sheet for the karting: http://lfs.thefloatingwidget.n ... ing08/Results%20sheet.jpg

And I hate you all for keeping me up until twenty to five in the morning! j/k

I would post more details of what happened for everyone but I've Thomas to be occupying for the day and we want to get out the house away from computers.
Looks like you guys had loads of fun there!
Hope that one day I could also come .
But, more pictures please
Ok, here's what happened...

Everyone lined up in the pits as the race boss shouts his final reminders.

Then everyone went out for a few minutes practice before the qualifying session starts.

Some people were more focussed on the racing than others!

It's only practice but that didn't stop it being competitive...

I tried taking some good panning shots, which is bloody hard. I also soon realised it was fairly pointless, because from the side you can't tell who it is as everyone had identical suits and helmets, with only the kart number for identification. Except for Becky, who had her own racing gear and was easily identifiable in red.

Can't remember who this is... who was it that went off-roading at start of the practice session?

Reducing drag, but looking at the camera rather than the track...

End of qualifying
At the end of the qualifying session, the karts were returned to the pits and the drivers had a 10 minute break to prepare for the main race.

The Race
The race had a rolling start. Here is everyone on the roll-out lap.

Onto the start/finish straight, and the lights go green!

On the run down to T1.

The end of the first lap. IIRC, I think Thomas (#16) is in the lead, not Jason (#15).

The following are all general shots from the first third of the race.

The following photos are all from the final half/two thirds of the race, when I walked back down to the final corner leading onto the s/f straight.

A view of the karting venue - great place, well run, and the drivers all said the track was good.

The trophies

In third place, is Jason.

In second place, it's the big man himself, Victor.

And the overall winner? Thomas, by a massive 40 seconds! (For comparison, the next forty seconds covered everyone else that finished on the lead lap...)

The "podium":

A good day had by all:
#6 - Bean0
Great day out yesterday, I'm just uploading my pics now, 120 in total.

Just taken with a point & click camera, so nowhere near as good as those above.


Edit: Pics now in Gallery for easy viewing
Those pictures are great, STROBE. Any chance of a group photo with username tags?
absolutely great pictures STROBE!
Are you sure that's Thomas? I reckon it's Nick Heidfeld....the beard gives it away. Nick/Thomas you should be in bloody Valencia man!
#10 - need
Made it home about an hour ago.
Was great fun meeting everyone and racing on the karting track.
Those are some great pictures from both of you.

Thanks to Ben for organising things and for a place to sleep for the two nights
I'm looking forward to next years event allready
Lol looks like fun and yeah Thomas does look like Nick a lot :P.

Grats Thomas, Victor and Mister Jason ( go SR!) aswell as everyone who was there and had fun :P.
FEL nr. 1 !!

Looks pretty good, I'll try harder to be there next year
Great photos looked like a great day

Congrats to the podium guys (especially Jason ) - Go mate !
I'm gutted I missed it thats for sure.
I would have crumbled under the pressure of being within 100 miles of victor
Quote from MijnWraak :I would have crumbled under the pressure of being within 100 miles of victor

Easy fixed, just imagine him naked, it's what I did...
Did anyone buy Victor a beer?
Quote from Becky Rose :Easy fixed, just imagine him naked, it's what I did...

Bad, BAD image in my head now...

PS: Wow, Victor has changed a lot since the last photo I saw!
It was a great meet. I had a bad qualifying session, but a really good race - thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks to 'Bob' for organising everything and thanks to everyone else for making it such a fun day/weekend.
That was a great day really enjoyed it, shame i couldn't start the race properly stupid kart .
Yeah, thanks everyone for making it such an enjoyable day. Well done to Becky for unequivocally thrashing us all in qualifying, and to Thomas for the win! The entire field was quick - every driver was quicker than the best lap time from the group who were on before us! Sim-racers win again.!

Nice to see such a strong turnout from the [SR] guys, hope we can all meet up again next year! Consider me pre-confirmed! I'm definitely going wherever the next one is!

Thanks again to all who made it there, and particularly to Thomas and Victor for making the trip to the UK. Hope to see you again next year!
Quote from Mike Bingo :Did anyone buy Victor a beer?

He was driving, so no beer, but I did buy him a coke.

STROBE - any chance of an archive link to download them all? Likewise Bean0 I don't fancy opening up 120 tabs. Oh and a high res photo of the group shot would be great too. Cheers!
Great photos STROBE all the effort was much appreciated. As was all the effort made by Ben (and his housemate) for the great setup in his living room. What a great bunch of people to have met I'm really glad I made it.

The whole day was superb fun even if my race was atrocious and all being well I'll see some of you next year!



LFS UK Karting Meet 2008 - Post event discussion
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