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RB4 Skins
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made a mupp3t skin for Laurentrobert. What you think?
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i love that back! with the checks, how did you do that?
heres a picture of my 3000 GT, hope you like it
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Quote from unknownrisks :i love that back! with the checks, how did you do that?

used photoshop. Basically made a rectangle with green squares then used the distort filter and pinch variable. for the sides, invert and the opposite for the back.

then fiddle with the back until the squares match up!
lol ill think ill avoid checkers but still cool
if you need a skin making or anything doing, feel free to PM me
Quote from robertchapple123 :In the CMX Viewer there is "********.DDS" and thats the number plate, it dont work in the game it's self

Sorry i cant remember the file name.


BTW, and sorry for off topic I do this in photoshop on the screens xD I have custom plate too, but it is bad xD
you are the best skinner in the LFS world. great job!
Randomly inspired by a song I was listening to while driving in South City...
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K, here
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Last two (edit: last four!) RB4's are amazing as always Teaz, great job!
Here is my laters and fifth skin. A fictional Denso RB4
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LFS 2007-08-13 19-19-21-20.jpg
LFS 2007-08-13 19-19-35-49.jpg
nice but it looks a bit vage.
Hey Teaz-R I need your help with a project, I PM'd you
Victorinox RB4
The last skin I did was bleeding decals, so I decided to make this one a little more simple for a change. Feel free to use, but ask me before putting anything more than numbers on it.
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Victorinox sample.bmp

RB4 Skins
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