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RB4 Skins
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Quote from bbman :Woo, pixelbleed deluxe!

tookt he words straight from my mouth LOL
Quote from Bean0 :A tribute to the Reyland Cossie, sadly the car is no more after a crash on Gumball 2004. But there is a new one being built.

If you haven't heard of it before, check out this video.

Hehe, i did that skin a LONG time ago for the S1 FXO

Good that they are building a new version of it, allready have seen some pictures of the engine on a dyno, about 750 bhp @ 7500 revs. In the end the engine should do 8500 revs
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Great job Teaz-R. Nice to see you making so many RB4 skins
MORE RB4 skins teaz-r! i'm wondering if any of u have a RB4 skinning kit? (bunta aka nuvolari is getting sick of me asking)
Nice skins
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Thanks a lot its a realy awesome skin, its definately going into my favorites.
5 mins work, for Crazy Frog fans (public skin)
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What an annoying skin dude
Pfft, if you're going to do crazy frog at least to the real version (+Penor)
Nice skins very Nice
#44 - A4WD
nice skins! my favorite car in the game is the RB4, mostly because my daily driver is an awd turbo. i wish i knew how to make these skins myself, i wouldnt be able to resist.
teazr very nice idea for a torino skin
Citroën Xsara WRC 2005. For public use to, but please do not edit
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My CoRe Racing Team skin:
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Quote from #DeXteR# :... for Crazy Frog fans ...

No such thing. The Inquisition burned them all at the stake.

I hope.
here's my first RB4 drift skin

public skin :
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calsonic rb4 preview.jpg
hot rodz 4 life !!!
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RB4 Skins
(770 posts, started )