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Just a little advice: Expand the skins to 1024 x 1024 first and apply higher resolution decals, you will get much better skins and sharper, clearer graphics, this will improve the look of your skins tremendously.
thanks for the advice.
Shame I didn't expand them 1st but it's not to bad, here's my 1st skin, thought i'd do something a little differnt than all the other stuff!

If anyone want's the skin to add to their game just ask and i'll post it up, don't really know if it's good enough for people to want it but we all start somewhere!

Post it up!
Well you asked for it! :P

I'm gunna keep my silly car thems coming, will do some tommorow maybe, hope to improve as this was just a tester

Ok I thought i'd cary on my cartoon theme with some South Park, Felt like editting them, sorry about it being crappy, thought they looked to plain, but atleast now something to comment on!!! :P

By the way i've seen people complaining about adding files and how they can only add 3 at a time, Should we not be aloud or are we not aloud?



EDIT: Forgot to add the actual skin, if anyone wants it just ask.
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LFS South park1.jpg
LFS_South park 2.jpg
LFS South park 3.jpg
LFS_South park 4.jpg
Upload it !
There you go, feel free to edit them as they're isn't much variation in colour on them because i'm not that creative and don't have the ideas yet!


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Quote from Bawbag :There you go, feel free to edit them as they're isn't much variation in colour on them because i'm not that creative and don't have the ideas yet!



lol, someone was bored
Maybe I felt like using up some of my time on here to make a quick skin? Havn't really been bored with LFS yet.
3d Pictures Thanks to:Magnus Randy
Skins:Made By Me&Delpi
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NOS Racing Team XFG Skin
First team skin is out. It's a very professional XFG skin created by one of our dear friends. He didn't want to be known. Thank you very much for this excellent skin.

Thanks also to [MOMO]clauddiu for his render.

The skin is downloadable at

This is not a public skin. It is created for only NOS Racing Team members. Please put it in "skins_x" folder.
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NOS Racing Team XFG Skin.jpg
Oooh! Very nice! Looks like ****'s work to me!
Quote from al heeley :Oooh! Very nice! Looks like ****'s work to me!

You forgot a star *****'s work

Just a joke, thank you also to big al, we met him thank to you.
he da boss :up:
Chek my skin
The Space Echo Skin
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Hehe looks well m8
Pink Planet Games Exchange WIP
Here is my skin i made of a small indie video game store i happen to work for, best job i've ever had so here it is so far

*all themed on the actual shop decor "

soz about the low quality shot, needed compressing comments are welcome !

(Again, the screenshots are compressed)

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Love it
Sweet work mate
(Gavin UK) DELETED by Gavin UK
also started work on other pp car skins
Dr.Pepper skin
Dr.Pepper skin for the XFR... ...dirty.
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Here's an Orange XFR:

Download 1024×1024: Orange XFi GTR
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XF Skins (All)
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