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Quote from bo-kristiansen :Dr.Pepper skin for the XFR... ...dirty.

Makes me thristy just looking at it. Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew are my favourite drinks. They just came on the norwegian market. i drink more than i ever did before(Only when i visited denmark :P)
Mobil1 XFG
This is my first XFG skin

Get the skin HERE

... And yeah, I know - it looks nothing like a Seat Cupra! :P
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DUDE! That Mobil 1 skin is awesome!

I use to work for Exon Mobil, other than them being the devil, that skin rocks.

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99.9% of these skins just flat out ROCK! (and I've seen none that I would say I dislike ) Thanks all, and keep up the good work. Ooh.. Soper, if it doesn't say "public" on it, does that mean we shouldn't use it on our own vehical in online play? (and yes, I know, nobody will see my skin till I'm S2 - but I'll take care of that ASAP, as well as get a DFP, hehe)

EDIT-actually, being as new as I am, what's the general edicate of using anybody's skin online?
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Ford Focus WRC 2006 Concept
Here's a Ford Focus rally skin.

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FordRS Preview.jpg
here is my xf skin, i'm working on a skin for the xrg an xr gt
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Smurfen Skin Production Presents:
XRG Skull Flames
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metallic paint

to whom it is interesting to those, I shall describe as for pair minutes it is possible to make such

I used program Photoshop

1) create a new layer (Layer > New > Layer...)
2) fill in with its color necessary to us (Alt+Backspace)
3) Filter > Noise >Add Noise.. (Amount: 2,5 % / Distribution: Uniform / Monochromatic)
4) Filter > Sharpen (Two times)
5) deduce shadows (Layer > Layer Style > Blending Options... > Blend Mode: Multiply)

forgive for my English, I translate the translator
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Peugeot 205 T16 style skin for XFR...
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This is my first skin ... hope you'll like it ...

I am a Ducati owner ... but also a Ducati Addicted ... so I have to ride my Ducati's Style car ... here it's my tribute to Loris Capirossi the one and only Ducati MotoGP rider

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2003 WRC Ford Focus Skin !Happy 2006!
YES! Looks fantastic! Now if only we had a true rally car!!
Wait till you see my next one i would say its about 25% done should be done by about 1pm UK time
Oh oh, give me a hint to what car.. Hopefully it will be a rally car
Guess what it is its easy
Ahh, that car gets remade for LFS all the time. Only few people get it right. Hopefully you will
That 2003 WRC Ford Focus skin makes me hope it'll turn out just peachy..
Looks awesome! Good job
1992 Lancia Delta
Ok i know its been done before but i wanted the challenge of making it myself, What do you think?


Ingame 1
Ingame 2
Ingame 3
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me like
I think:
You should make a preview-shot. Otherwise about no one will care to actually use it.

Is there a Martini skin look-a-like for RB4? It would fit pretty well, you know the Lancia 037.
Added the ingame pictures there will be a render soon aswell

XF Skins (All)
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