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LFSPoints V2.4.0.8
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LFSPoints V2.4.0.8
LFSPoints is a program designed to aid league managers in calculating the championship point results for races. It works by parsing the headers from multiplayer replay (.mpr) files, and comparing the race results against a user-defined points table. The results of the championship can then be viewed within the program, or exported in various different file formats, such as HTML, XML or CSV.


LFSPoints requires .NET Framework 3.5 in order to run, as well as either Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista. It supports multiplayer replays made from LFS patch X onwards, as well as replays created in demo mode. It does not support singleplayer replays.

You can download .NET Framework 3.5 from the following link: ... 7D32A6&displaylang=en


LFSPoints doesn't have an installer, simply unzip the package onto your hard-disk and run the file LFSPoints.exe.


User feedback has shown LFSPoints to be a fairly intuitive program to use, so you shouldn't have many issues. There is a short FAQ in the readme.txt file. Many advanced options are available through the right-click context menu, so try right-clicking on stuff.


Please download the most up-to-date version of the program below.
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Doesn't seem to open chp files from the previous version..........
What happens when you try to open them, do you get an error message? There shouldn't have been any changes to those files, unless I've forgotten something I changed.
Nothing, no error message, the replays don't show, the championship points don't show, the only thing it "remembers" is the points allocation I selected for the championship
Hmm OK, that's weird. There was as far as I remember no changes made to the championship save files, certainly nothing more than refactoring some quickly quickly written code. Well, I apologise for this, as obvious I screwed up somewhere.

Unfortunately my PC was shorted out by a powersurge a few nights ago, so I no longer have access to the source code for the program, and to be honest I'm not sure if I will be able to recover it.

If I manage to sort something out I will look into it, but really it's seeming like I may have to rewrite the whole program from scratch, which I may not have time to do any time soon.

Oh well... More importantly it means I can't play LFS any more.
Ok, for the current season of RSSC, I'll just stick to the previous version
OK - Cool. Sorry about that.

I've managed to find a slightly older version of the code on a backup disk, so not all is lost. It will take a while to get it back into the same state as the last release though. I think the next version I will release the code so I don't have this problem again.
#8 - migf1
DarkTimes, this was a brilliant idea and i found ingenious the user interface you implemented inside the program! It worked like a charm for me, many many thanks!

A great improvement would be to add teams support. For example, in the Player Name you could consider everything enclosed in brackets ('[' and ']') to be the team name (or no team, if no brackets are found) and add another tab with the "Team Standings". This might dictate to rename the current "Championship" tab to "Driver Standings", for clarity reasons!

How does this sound?

PS. And a question, how come Pole Position is getting the value "Uknown" in the exported results? (i've only tested the html exporting). Could it be that I loaded demo mpr files into the prog?
Thanks for the kind words.

The pole position information was only added in a recent patch, I think patch X and onwards. So old replays from before this time will show unknown because it does not include the grid position in the replay info. Also with patch-X replays if a driver joined after the race had begun, it will show as unknown because they were never given a grid slot.

In terms of team information, this has been suggested before, and I may look to including something similar in a future version.
Thanks for this very useful program!

I want to suggest something. Is it possible to change the names of the racers? And if it isn't can you add it in one of the future releases?
Because if one racer use 2 different usernames, he was taken, by the program as 2 racers...
OK - That's a good idea. I'm going to remove the way the program detects player names and LFS usernames, as I've never been totally happy with it. Now it will only user the driver nicknames (keeping it compatible with old replays and demo users), but you can now rename the drivers by right-clicking on a name in the championships view. If you rename a driver to have the same name as a driver who is already listed, then their results will be combined. The changes are saved in the championship save file with no changes to the existing file structure, so that works out great. I'll release a new version tomorrow or on Friday.

And all I needed to do was add two new methods!
You are a... coding machine!

PS. Regarding the "Uknnown" Pole You were absolutely right about the replays not being from version X. Thanks!
V2.2.1 uploaded.

In addition to the being able to rename drivers in your championship, there is also a new option added to the championship table right-click menu, which allows you to view how each drivers points were calculated in detail.

I hope it works.
Uploaded V2.2.2.
Thank you!
Uploaded V2.2.3.

The new version breaks the old championship save files, so I've left V2.2.2 up for the time being, as it's still compatible and has only been out for a day or so.
I miss the drivernames in the table "Championship".


dSk|Freddy - Freddy_P - 32 Points

The only problem with usernames is that they were only added with patch X replays, so it would break backwards compatibility to depend on them in any way. In a future version I may change it, but seeing as most leagues last for many months some people are still using old replays from previous LFS versions, so I've learned to my cost that it sucks to mess with stuff like that.

Anyway... I've no idea how the save system ended up so broken. A bug slipped in after V2.2 alpha which has truly messed the saves up when moving between versions of the program. I've figured out what went wrong and this new version should fix it. V2.2.4 should properly load all save files from V2.2 Alpha onwards. It's a it of a hack, as it tries to load the file and if it encounters a problem it attempts to go back through the various file version changes until it loads without any exceptions being thrown. I've tried it with V2.2 Alpha, V2.2.1 and V2.2.2 save files and it seems to work OK.

There are also quite a few other changes in this release, and more new features coming, such as team support in V2.3, which is going to be really cool the way its implemented. I am happy now with the way the development is going, the program is getting tweaked like mad, and I think it's starting to become quite polished. Broken save files aside, that is.

My TODO list is getting longer and longer, which strangely is a good sign that development is progressing well.

V2.2.4 will be out soon, but I need to hold onto it for a little while to make sure a few things are working as intended.
Nice one fella
I've uploaded V2.2.4, please let me know if any save files aren't working as intended. Thanks.
Hmmm........there seems to be an issue if a driver changes his/her display name throughout the season, it takes each "display name" as a seperate person, which isn't great IMO, you shouldn't be using "display names" you should be using license names as per the old version.
This is answered in the FAQ in the Readme.txt file. If a driver has changed their nickname during a season, then you can rename the driver by right-clicking on their name in the Championship view. If you rename a driver in your championship to have the same name as an existing driver, then you will be asked if you would like to combine their results.
Ahhh, my bad, teach me to not RTFM
Hehe, there was a big bug in the rename drivers function anyway. I've fixed it. It's the only change for V2.2.4.1. Wow, these version numbers are getting crazy!

I'm looking forward to going to V2.3, stop all this nonsense....
Hi!! I found this application very useful, and in the argentinian league we are trying to use it also in qualy sessions, but.... have a look at this little bug.... i ve marked with a red circle the wrong laptimes...

Hope you can fix this soon...

Great job programming this app! Thanks you!!

EDIT: i´m checking the exported xml file, and found that is exported right. So, it´s just shows wrong on the laptimes list, nothing else...
Again, excellent work!
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LFSPoints V2.4.0.8
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