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Hi DarkTimes

Im still using LFS Points, im on version at the moment, and I use it for our current Team Series. Because im a noob I use the Export to HTML feature for timesaving purposes. But I have noticed a small error, which I am correcting manually (which isnt a large thing, and it might have been mentioned already, as I havent read all the posts here for a while), but basically the Information in the Race Time and Best Lap colums seem to be in the wrong places.

Example screenshot: Attached.

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This error with the HTML export was corrected a few versions ago. I suggest upgrading to V2.4.0.6, as it has a lot of bug fixes like this in it. V2.4.0.0 was the first release and it was pretty buggy.

Cheers, thanks for the reply
i am not sure if it is possible, but is there a way to give 1 point for every driven lap? maybe you can add this option? would be nice for things like banger racing or endurance racing...

would be reaally nice!!!
Yes, that's a good idea and not too hard to implement. I will add it to the next version. Thanks!
Hi DarkTimes,
I am wondering if you would consider including the points each driver earned for each individual race within each of your export functions or at least within the html output. My suggestion is to have a Pts column in each race results table.
This would make it easier for admins and the drivers themselves to double check they were awarded the correct points for each race.

Also I think there is a bug in you the ubb (.txt) export function, as I get an error window that says "Invalid Export Function".
I can only get it to work if I manually add the file extension (.ubb) to the filename input box in the save export window.
It will not save it as a .txt file.
Sorry if this has been brought to your attention already.

Keep up the great work
OK - thanks for the bug report, I forgot to update a line of code in the last version. I uploaded V2.4.0.7 which fixes this.

I will add your suggestion for the points in the next version too, although when the next version will be released, I cannot say. I have decided not to update V2 of the program at the moment while I focus on V3, but development is taking a lot longer and is a lot more complicated than I thought it was going to be, so it will not be released for a while.
You know us "LFS Points Fanboys" dont mind waiting.. just keep us in the loop

Believe me, 3.0 blows 2.0 out of the water in every way. Instead of parsing replay files, it now logs 'live' race data from [the LFS client] in order to build the championship. Whereas before I was limited by the replay info, I can now do anything. That's both what's slowing me down, and also what will make it worth it. It's still only about 30% complete, but it's already super cool.
Thanks DarkTimes, sounds like v3 is going to be sweet. I assume it will still parse replay's as well, with limitations, if you want to do it that way?
No, currently there are no plans for 3.0 to parse replays, but 2.0 still will. I thought about it, but it would just be too hard to fit replays into 3.0. I decided it would be easier to just have two different versions of the program.
Oh O.K, guess I may be stuck with v2 as I can't see me using v3 "live'" all the time.
I wouldn't make any judgements until I'd seen it to be honest, it is very easy to use. It runs as a system-tray program and does everything in the background. All you need to do is run the exe before you start LFS and it logs InSim data into special files behind the scenes, which you then treat exactly as replay files currently are. Basically instead of adding replays you now just add special LFSPoints race log files instead. Also you don't need to be connected to a server for it to work, it logs races as well when you play back the replays, plus it also works in single-player mode. Once a race has been logged, you need never touch LFS itself again.

I hope that when you see how powerful and easy to use the new version is, you will understand why this change was important. Plus, most importantly, I'm having a lot of fun writing it.
Wow your right that does sound impressive, I had this idea that it was another insim app that would require direct connection to the race server, which I seem to not be able to ever get to work. But this sounds really cool and easy to use since it works direct with the info from each persons LFS local client. Now I am excited
Yes, sorry, I should have made it more clear that it connects to the local LFS client, and then logs any race that takes place. It doesn't care whether the race is multiplayer, singleplayer, or just playing back a replay. The actual InSim data which gets transmitted is the same for all of them anyway.
Now that sounds like its worth waiting for!

Can you talk about output at all? Would it be possible to auto output "something" to a website or a host at least, which could be parsed by php for example?

I'll save my other noob question for pm
Quote from mkinnov8 :Now that sounds like its worth waiting for!

Can you talk about output at all? Would it be possible to auto output "something" to a website or a host at least, which could be parsed by php for example?

I'll save my other noob question for pm

I havnt really looked at LFS Points due to the fact ive never needed it, but from speaking to DarkTimes a few times. I see it outputs XML(Current version). Surely he will add that which could easly be picked up by php Or if DarkTimes really wanted, he could upload to a webserver somewhere and make some kinda stats like LFSW and let people query it for websites etc etc....Seems a bit extreme though.
Well, the idea behind using XML files is that you can use them in other programs. It's a standard format for sharing information. You could easily write a web page where you can upload the XML files LFSPoints creates and then produce your own output based on the data. In fact there was an online league management tool called Paddock that allowed you to upload LFSPoints XML files to your own site, although I have no idea of the status of that project is any more.

I have however had a few ideas on this subject...

1/ I write a PHP script that shows you how to upload an XML file and turn it into a web page, that you can then customise to suit your own needs.

2/ LFSPoints pretends it's a web browser and after each race it will 'post' the race information to a web page using the HTTP header, exactly as if you had submitted the information from a web form. You can then write a PHP page (or insert language/platform of your choice) that processes the submitted race 'post' information.

I've been leaning towards the second option, as it's more fun, however I may do both... or neither.
Now 2 would be goooooooood. That infact would be beyond realism...

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Love the sound of option two! And sorry, I completly forgot about the XML output :embarrised:

Ive not really worked with XML too much (yet), but getting there.
I would like to see an option to manually put in a race result in case the replay is lost or in case the replay is forgotten to be saved.
(LFSpoints Version 2)
Or is there another way to do this??
Yes, that's a good idea, if I started working on this again I would add something like that.

I'm not updating this program at the moment, although I'd fix any bugs people found, but I'm not adding new features. I have a few ideas of where to take the idea of the program forward, in a different way, but I don't really have the time to do it at the moment.
Ok, that's no problem! Good luck with your new version V3.0 of LFSpoints. Looking forward to it!
hi, nice new version!

maybe you forgot about it: i suggested to have a 1 pts per driven lap bonus for stuff like banger racing / endurance racing. you said you will implement it in next release.

maybe i am too stupid to find it. or maybe you just forgot about it.

No, you're not stupid, and no I didn't forget, I'm just not working on this program at the moment. When I do start work again, I will add this feature. When that may be I honestly have no idea.

LFSPoints V2.4.0.8
(187 posts, started )