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CoRe Racing info thread
UPDATED 10/22/2012

Markus "Checkout" Gunzelmann Joins CoRe Racing!

There are many reasons why a team might be happy to have Markus "Checkout" Gunzelmann on its roster. First of all, he's 25, which raises the team's average age and makes the elderly team manager feel less ancient. And he's not Finnish, which, frankly, is becoming more and more of a rarity among top LFS drivers these days. Oh, and then there's the fact that he's a quick, consistent, and reliable driver, as he proved in his years with the famed GT1 endurance team of #low-racing / RACE-STAR.

Today CoRe is very happy to welcome Markus to the team. He brings a wealth of experience and maturity to our operations, and should help our GT1 program immensely as we look forward to GT1WS. We've raced with Markus in the past (he helped us out with Super GT last season) and we know him well. We're absolutely certain he's going to fit right in. When he's not racing LFS or at work on his IT apprenticeship, Markus is an avid footballer and electric guitar player. He'll be driving for us with the number 32 and the name CoRe M.Gunzelmann. Welcome to the team, Markus!


CoRe Welcomes Joonas Koskinen!

Today we're proud to announce a long-time friend as a full member of CoRe Racing, as Joonas "DarknessPainF1" Koskinen completes our Finnish invasion (for now). The 18-year-old Finn, hailing from Hartola, has improved a lot during the past year, and he's been a friend of the team since the last Masters of Endurance 24 Hours event, where he helped us out. Prior to joining CoRe, Joonas spent time in two of the bigger teams in LFS, Team Vires and Genuine Racing. His first race as official CoRe Racing driver will be in the Savage Simsports 24 Hours of South City, today.

Joonas will drive with the number 65 on his car and the name CoRe J.Koskinen Welcome to the team, Joonas!


An Old Friend Returns to CoRe Racing

It was a bit more than two years ago that Rubén Blasco (aka Ruben_Drifter) first joined CoRe Racing. Though he left some time later to help build the Spanish Lanzarote Racing Team up to international competition caliber, he's ready to return to CoRe. We couldn't be happier about that.

Now 18 years old, Rubén is a bit wiser, a bit more experienced, and a bit hungrier to prove himself in international competition. We can't wait to see what he can do for us in our endurance racing and open wheel programs. As before, Rubén will race with the number 94 and the name CoRe R.Blasco. Welcome back, Rubén!


The Finnish Invasion Continues at CoRe Racing!

Today CoRe is pleased to welcome another young Finn, Valtteri "Emyn" Pitkänen, to the team. Valtteri is 15 years old and hails from the town of Kerava, just outside Helsinki. He's been playing LFS for a couple years now, and has thus far only been in two other teams: DRUNK (like all good Finns!) and My3id Gaming. We're hoping CoRe is his last stop. He's quick as hell in the GTRs, having raced in many endurance leagues, and he recently put in a great drive in the Vortex Racing entry for the GT2WS 6 Hours of Fern Bay Black, teaming with fellow CoRe driver Toni L. When he's not driving, Valtteri likes to play football, the drums, and other computer games, or spend time with his friends. He'll be driving with the name CoRe V.Pitkänen and the number 03. Welcome to the team, Valtteri!


CoRe Racing Grows by Four!

Today is a very happy day for CoRe, as we welcome four very quick and very friendly guys to the team.

First up is Sami "_coca-cola_" Anttonen, the first of three young Finns joining the team today. Sami's a 16-year-old hailing from Lappeenranta, near the Russian border, where he's currently in vocational college. He's quite an experienced LFS league racer, having previously driven for both DRUNK Team and Sonicrealms Racing in top GTR series. When he's not kicking ass in LFS, Sami is probably playing hockey or floorball. He's a FZR fanatic, so we hope he will be an important asset for our GT1/GT500 program, but we also hope to see him in some other series like LFSCART Light. Sami will drive as CoRe S.Anttonen with the number 44 and red-accented skins.

Next is Ilari "Ilbens" Juusela, who you may know from his multiple World Records, or perhaps from his recent winning performances in the Super GT Series. Recently he's been driving with the ad hoc team Vortex Motorsports, but before that he had a stint in DRUNK Team, like virtually every other Finn in LFS. Just 14 years old, he comes from Toivakka, in Central Southern Finland. He's currently in 8th grade, and like any 8th grader, he spends all his free time with his friends. We see Ilari as a vital part of the team's future, and fantastic development prospect--he's already fast, and we can only imagine how much better he will get! Ilari will drive with the name CoRe I.Juusela, the number 96, and orange-accented skins.

The final member of our latest Finnish Armada is Toni "FL4SH-" Lähteenmäki, who has also been driving for Vortex of late. Toni lives in Viiala, close to Tampere, where he's recently graduated from school and is currently 100% focused on his real-life racing career. At the moment, he's racing touring cars on the national circuit, where he plans to spend a couple more years before going to Europe to compete in the Scirocco Cup. (Hey, maybe we'll have the Scirocco in LFS by then!) Before coming to CoRe, he spent time with Piri Motorsports, DRUNK Team, and Sonicrealms Racing, as well as the aforementioned Vortex. Toni will race with the name CoRe T.Lähteenmäki, the number 20, and orange-accented skins.

Last but certainly not least, we are glad to welcome Andris "andRo." Pavars, a 19-years-old from Riga, Latvia, who is well known for both his impressive multimedia work (screenshot editing, in particular) and his great driving. He's also the admin of the exciting new STD Championship! Formerly of Tiger Express Motorsports, Andris is currently one of the best keyboard drivers in LFS. He's just finished school and is currently assessing his real-life future, but we're happy to say that his future in LFS seems secure. A RWD fanatic, he will be a great help with all of our GTR endeavors, particularly GT2/GT3/GT300, and with our road car racing efforts. Andris will drive as CoRe A.Pavars, with the number 16 and red-accented skins.

Welcome to the team, guys!


Jesse Telkkälä Helps CoRe Ring in the New Year!

Today CoRe Racing is pleased to announce Jesse "Iginla" Telkkälä as our newest member. Though only 14 years old, Jesse has substantial experience in LFS league racing. He's spent time with DRUNK Team and SAVAGE SimSports, as well as his own team, Gentles on Circuit. Originally a mouse driver, he has recently acquired a wheel and we look forward to seeing him mature as a driver over the coming years. He prefers GTRs and single-seaters, making him a perfect fit for the team's league racing activites. We see him as a bright prospect for the future of the team.

Jesse hails from Jyväskylä, Finland, where he is currently working his way through secondary education. Though it's still early days, he has a strong interest in automotive engineering as a possible career path. When he's not playing LFS, he spends a lot of his time playing football, of course. Jesse will drive with the name CoRe J.Telkkälä, the number 08, and red-accented CoRe skins. Welcome to the team, Jesse!


CoRe Welcomes Two DRUNKen Finns

First up is Axel "MonkeyHead" Falck, who has for a long time been one of DRUNK's fastest GTR drivers. Axel is from the town of Espoo in Finland, just outside of Helsinki, where he is currently a senior in high school. He considers himself a GTR specialist, and should be a great addition to our endurance racing squads. When he's not driving LFS, Axel likes to play guitar, so maybe he and Jens can start a band sometime soon. Axel will drive with the name CoRe A.Falck, the number 04, and yellow-accented CoRe skins.

Next is Teemu "marakattimax" Suninen, who hails from Tuusula, also a suburb of Helsinki. Teemu is a relatively new LFS talent, though he's been karting since he was very young. He currently competes in the KF1 class, but he is the reigning Finnish KF2 champion and recently won the European KF2 Winter Cup. Next year, he plans to drive in Formula Renault, or possibly bigger cars. In LFS, he prefers to drive the FZR and FO8, which puts him squarely in line with the rest of the team. Teemu will drive with the name CoRe T.Suninen, the number 31, and red-accented CoRe skins.

Welcome to the team, Axel and Teemu!


André Araújo joins CoRe Racing!

Following in the footsteps of former SpeedCore drivers Pedro and Rui Santos, as well as Luis Barbosa, today André Araújo joins CoRe Racing! Andre has been racing in LFS for over four years, and also has experience in such sims as Race 07, GTR Evolution, and GTR 2. He was part of the backbone of the SpeedCore team's endurance racing lineup, and we feel he'll be a great addition to ours. Aside from GTRs, he particularly enjoys racing the LX4 and LX6.

André is from just outside of Lisbon, in the Portuguese town of Seixal. At 18 years old, he has recently completed high school and is considering continuing his education to pursue a career in mechanical engineering. Aside from sim racing, he enjoys working on and occasionally driving motorcycles, and is a motorcycle racing fan/enthusiast. André will race with the name CoRe A.Araújo, the number 2, and red-accented CoRe skins. Welcome to the team, André!


It's Christmas in August at CoRe Racing!

Today CoRe is happy to announce three new additions to our LFS team. All three drivers are veterans of the LFS scene who have been looking for a solid new home, and we're glad that they've chosen us.

First up is Sascha "PowerSocke" Schwer, who has been a member of a number of German and International teams including Racing Minds, RACE-STAR, Xcite, and Team Inferno. Sascha is 18 years old and comes from Saarlouis in Germany. When he's not racing, he's focused on football and finishing his high school studies. He's a GTR specialist, but skilled in other cars as well, and expects to be a valuable asset for our endurance racing squad. Sascha will drive with red-accented CoRe skins and the number 63.

Next is 20-year-old Sven "Pludda" Plutta. Sven is a close friend of Sascha's, and the two have come up through the LFS ranks together, always in the same teams. He hails from Bochum, Germany, where he's working and preparing to go off to university to study Engineering. Like Sascha, Sven has been racing in LFS since 2008, with plenty of experience in endurance racing. When he's not on the virtual track, he spends his time partying and competing in a regional slalom-racing championship. Sven will drive with yellow-accented CoRe skins and the number 34.

Finally we have Dario "locovich" Ramos, who like myself is a relative dinosaur at age 31. Dario has had a long LFS career in both Latin American leagues and the international endurance scene. Most readers will know him as a leader of the LFSLA and SRLA teams in Masters of Endurance and IGTC. Dario resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he races karts, plays football, and flies small aircraft when he's not playing LFS or at work. He brings a wealth of experience to the team and we expect him to be a great addition to our lineup. Dario will drive with red-accented CoRe skins and the number 22.


CoRe's Serbian Population Swells to Three!

CoRe Racing is pleased to announce today that Ivan "ivantod" Todorović has joined the team on a permanent basis. Ivan has often helped us out in the past in endurance racing efforts, including MoE, and we've been trying to get him to join us for years now. Looks like our efforts finally paid off!

Ivan comes to us after a long period as a member of the Serbian Chromed Pistons team. He hails from the town of Paracin, and along with Darko Nikolin and Aleksandar Ristić, he is our third Serbian driver. Ivan will drive with the #69 (heh, heh) and orange-accented CoRe skins. Welcome to the team, Ivan!


Another German Joins the CoRe Racing Family

Following in the footsteps of Maik Paluch, his former teammate at Xcite-Racing, today Christian "kiste" Kistner joins CoRe Racing! Christian is 20 years old and hails from Zwickau, Germany. He has been driving in LFS since 2006, and has a whopping 246,000 kilometers driven in-game. In addition to CoRe and Xcite, he drove for The Danish Racing Team for a brief period. In addition to his driving skills, Christian brings considerable skinning talents to CoRe—you can see a lot of his work at L4P, and outside of LFS he's a graphic designer by trade. When he's not working or racing, he likes to play football, which he's been doing competitively for six years.

Christian will be a great help to our endurance racing package, as well as our individual league efforts. At the moment he is driving in CityLiga, as well as the OldMenRacing Cup, which he's currently leading. Christian will drive under the name CoRe C.Kistner, and will use the number 29 with yellow-accented CoRe skins. Welcome to the team, Christian!


Maik "FireMike15" Paluch Joins CoRe Racing!

Today CoRe Racing welcomes Maik Paluch, formerly of Xcite-Racing. Many of you will know Maik as "FireMike15," the creator of many awesome LFS-related videos and a member of the supremely creative skinning/media group L4P, but he's also a very promising young driver. Just 16 years old, Maik comes from Passau, Germany, where when he's not driving in LFS he's probably working on movies with friends or downhill biking. Though he's still quite early in his academic career, he hopes to go to university for media production and one day work in the film industry. Maik is a bit of a rarity in the LFS world--a driver who has only been with one team during his entire career. CoRe is quite happy to be his second.

We look forward to seeing Maik grow as a driver in his time with us--we expect him to drive in both individual leagues and our endurance racing squads. He will drive using the name CoRe M.Paluch, the number 15, and red-accented CoRe skins. Welcome to the team, Maik!


Tomek Nogieć Joins CoRe Racing as a Full Member!

Following a heroic performance in yesterday's Westhill round of the Masters of Endurance, CoRe is pleased to promote Tomek Nogieć (aka IMOL) from a trial member to a full team member. Tomek is 16 years old and a native of Kraków in Poland, where he's in school studying to become a mechanic. Like many dedicated LFS drivers, his life's goal is to become a professional racing driver. When he's not in school or glued to LFS, Tomek spends his time driving waaaaay too fast around local tracks with his brother. Tomek has previously raced with Conquest Racing, Starlite Racing, and with Sonicrealms Racing as a trial recruit.

Tomek looks to be a great addition to our endurance racing roster. His favorite LFS combination is Aston Grand Prix and the FZR, which is great news since the annual Masters of Endurance 24-hour race is our next big event! Tomek will drive with the #20, orange-accented CoRe skins, and the name CoRe T.Nogieć. Welcome to the team, Tomek!


An old friend finds a new home

A longtime friend of the team who has helped out in numerous MoE races, Aleksandar "Vugl@" Ristić today joins CoRe Racing on a more permanent basis. A former driver for the national teams Serbian Racing Team (SERT) and Serbian Racers (SR), Alex is a 22-year-old Belgrade native who specializes in GTR endurance racing. He joins Darko Nikolin as the second Serbian driver in CoRe's history. When he's not lapping in LFS, Alex is probably pursuing his music degree or working on mixing and mastering tracks for his friends.

Alex will drive with the name CoRe A.Ristić, the number 38, and yellow-accented CoRe skins. Welcome to the team, Alex!


Mike Saidl and Jens Brix Christensen Join CoRe Racing

Building on our recent momentum, CoRe Racing is proud to announce two new signings--today Michal Saidl and Jens Brix Christensen join the team. Mike comes to us from Tiger Express Motorsports, where he quickly made a name for himself in LFSCART, GTAL, and IGTC. Mike is 18 years old and hails from Prague, in the Czech Republic. Though he started as a drifter (as have several of CoRe's best drivers past and present), Mike is now an accomplished racer and skilled in pretty much any car he touches. We expect him to be a great help in both our open-wheel, individual series efforts, as well as our tin-top team-based leagues. Mike will race with the #86, the name CoRe M.Saidl, and orange-accented skins. Meanwhile, Jens comes to us from Vision Racing Team in the LFS world, and Aarhus, Denmark, in the real world. Also 18 years old, Jens is studying mathematics and physics and when he's not racing in LFS, he's playing music with his band. He's an up and coming talent, and we expect him to grow as a driver during his time with us. Jens will drive with the #7, the name CoRe J.Christensen (or J.Brix, we haven't quite worked that out yet), and yellow-accented skins.

Welcome to the team, guys!


After Waiting All Year...

CoRe Racing is proud to announce the signing of Luis "Zero_0" Barbosa, formerly of the Portuguese teams Speed Core Racing and Diabolique Team. Luis has been a friend of the team for some time, and after finishing his commitment with Speed Core in this weekend's IGTC race he has become our third Portuguese member, following the Santos brothers (with whom he is close friends). We expect Luis to be a great boost to our MoE and open-wheel teams.

Luis is 20 years old and lives in the city of Porto, where he works as a graphic designer for LiderGraf. When he's not hard at work, he spends the rest of his time playing LFS and football. Luis will drive with the number 21 and the name CoRe L.Barbosa, and will wear yellow-accented CoRe skins. Welcome to the team, Luis!


CoRe Racing Welcomes Another Bright New Talent: Toni Tossavainen

Hot on the heels of the recent signings of Sascha Riegler and Ruben Blasco, CoRe Racing is happy to announce that Toni "Naamavelli" Tossavainen has agreed to join the squad as well. Toni comes to us from n1 Racing, where he's competed in several seasons of IGTC and MoE among other leagues. He expects to help us in those leagues in the coming seasons, and in particular looks to bolster our attack on MoE this fall. Toni is 26 years old and hails from Joensuu in eastern Finland, where he's working hard at making a name for himself as a musician.

He will drive under the name CoRe T.Tossavainen, wear the number 66, and will use red-accented CoRe skins. Welcome to the team, Toni!


Another quick young Spanish driver joins CoRe!

Rubén Blasco (aka Ruben_Drifter) today joins his friend and countryman Ariday Bonilla as the second Spanish driver in CoRe's long history. Rubén had a successful debut with the "Friends of CoRe" team in last week's LFSCART race at Aston National Reversed, where he placed second to CoRe's Corey Green before a technical penalty demoted him to eighth. Now he moves up to the main team, where he hopes to help us with our league racing activities of all kinds, starting with this weekend's IGTC round at South City Long Reversed.

Rubén is just 16 years old, and hails from Barcelona where he is in his final years of secondary education before heading off to university. He hopes to study for employment in the automotive industry, though he's not exactly sure what he wants to do just yet. When he's not at school, Rubén spends his time cycling, playing video games (especially racing sims, naturally), and watching F1. He will race with the name CoRe R.Blasco, the number 94, and red-accented CoRe skins. Welcome to the team, Rubén!


CoRe Welcomes a Fast New German Talent

CoRe Racing is happy to announce that Sascha Riegler (aka "Feuerdrache") joins the team today. Sascha will be CoRe's first ever German driver, which is kind of surprising given how many of his countrymen dominate the sim. He's a primarily open-wheel driver who comes to us from a tenure at Sonicrealms Racing, who picked him up after his initial stint with the German Gamers Club. Sascha is an 18-year-old hailing from Saarlouis, in the southwestern region of Germany, where he's just completed his A-levels and plans to go on to study Chemistry at university. Though he's a single-seater specialist, Sascha hopes to learn the GTRs and become a regular in CoRe's GTAL and IGTC squads. He will drive with the name CoRe S.Riegler, the number 91, and red-accented CoRe skins. Welcome, Sascha!


The End of an Era at CoRe Racing, and the Beginning of a New One

The past couple months have been a strange time for CoRe Racing. Like most other teams in LFS, we've been experiencing a downswing in activity from most members, but we nevertheless managed to win our final race in MoE this past season at Kyoto National. Moreover, we celebrated our 5th anniversary as a team on April 9th.

However, in the wake of the end of the MoE season, frustrated with this stagnation in LFS and within the team, several of our long-time members decided to leave and form a new team with some others. Therefore, we say goodbye to Nolan Scott, Phil Diaz, Arni Arnason, Dennis Lind, and Ken O'Keefe. We wish them well in their new endeavors and hope to see them on track soon.


With all of this said and done, we are pleased to announce that CoRe Racing has plenty of life left. In addition to our remaining core members, we are glad to announce the signing of four new drivers who will substantially add to our team's strength:

1) Pedro "BSantos" Santos, brother to our youngest and most enthusiastic driver Rui Santos, comes to us from My3id Gaming and SpeedCore Racing Team, and looks to quickly become a leader within the team. When he's not racing, he's probably either playing football or studying for school. Pedro will drive with the name CoRe P.Santos, the number 10, and yellow-accented skins.

2) Ariday "ErAri" Bonilla, a promising young driver from Spain, is 17 years old and hails from the town of Arrecife, where he's in his last year of school before going to University. He plans to study in the sciences. When he's not playing LFS, he has his fun as an amateur rally co-driver and spending time with his friends. Ariday will be using the name CoRe A.Bonilla, and yellow-accented skins with the number 13.

3) Marcelo "bacabinha" Neiva comes to us from Sonicrealms Racing, where he had some MoE experience, before briefly serving a member of the Brazilian team Maximum Racing. Marcelo is 16 years old, and studying for a degree in medicine. He spends most of his weekends glued to LFS with his friends, which should make him a perfect CoRe member. Marcelo will use orange-accented skins with the number 95 and the name CoRe M.Neiva.

4) Kaique "KaiqueBRA" Piropo also comes to us from Maximum Racing. The young Brazilian is 15 years old and from the province of Bahia, where he is a high school student. Kaique has raced in IGTC, MoE, ITCC, and GTAL, giving him the experience needed to move up to a bigger team. We expect him to be a great addition to our squad. Kaique will race as CoRe K.Piropo, with the number 18 and red-accented skins.

Welcome to the team, guys!


Darko Nikolin Returns to CoRe Racing!

After more than a year away from the team, Darko Nikolin has decided to rejoin CoRe Racing with immediate effect. We expect him to be a great help to our Masters of Endurance GT2 squad, as well as in various other leagues coming up in the near future. Darko will drive with #11, orange-accented skins, and the name CoRe D.Nikolin.


Rui Santos Joins CoRe Racing!

Today CoRe Racing announces the signing of Rui Santos, who first impressed us in the GT Series where he finished 4th in his first ever GT2 class start. He has also raced well in the International FWD Crapboxes League and Damage Control League. Rui helped us to our provisional win in the 16hr GT2 class and shows great promise for future success. He will turn 17 years old in November, and lives in Porto, Portugal, where he attends high school. He is the twin brother of Pedro Santos, who drives for the Speed Core Racing Team. Rui will drive with #00, yellow-accented skins, and the name CoRe R.Santos.

Presenting the current CoRe Racing LFS lineup (as of 12/17/12):
00 CoRe R.Santos (Puzzle)
02 CoRe A.Araújo (A. Araujo)
03 CoRe V.Pitkänen (Emyn)
04 CoRe A.Falck (MonkeyHead)
08 CoRe J.Telkkälä (Iginla)
10 CoRe P.Santos (BSantos)
11 CoRe D.Nikolin (RRT RabbiT)
15 CoRe M.Paluch (FireMike15)
16 CoRe A.Pavars (andRo.)
17 CoRe A.Chiodini (RiGun)
18 CoRe K.Piropo (KaiqueBRA)
20 CoRe T.Lähteenmäki (FL4SH-)
21 CoRe L.Barbosa (Zero_0)
22 CoRe D.Ramos (locovich)
29 CoRe C.Kistner (co-manager) (kiste)
31 CoRe T.Suninen (marakattimax)
32 CoRe M.Gunzelmann (Checkout)
33 CoRe B.Keough (co-manager) (DeadWolfBones)
34 CoRe S.Plutta (Pludda)
44 CoRe S.Anttonen (_coca-cola_)
42 CoRe C.Green (rcpilot)
56 CoRe L.Baker (co-manager) (Banshee56)
63 CoRe S.Schwer (PowerSocke)
94 CoRe R.Blasco (Ruben_Drifter)
95 CoRe M.Neiva (bacabinha)
96 CoRe I.Juusela (Ilbens)

CoRe Racing is a family, and while family members sometimes go away, they are not forgotten. For a full listing of CoRe Racing drivers, look here and here.
Welcome brian! hope we get to trade paint soon! (not in the literal sense :P)
Welcome to the team, Brian!

Yay! Another spot down in the finishing order for Banshee.
Concratualtions Brian and CoRe! This was a total suprise....NOT! :P

Good to see you guys are (finally?) stepping over the border and expend your activities!
Welcome to the team, dude!
Thanks everyone. It feels great to be part of such a high caliber team. I've always enjoyed racing with CoRe and I'm looking forward to learning more from you guys.
#7 - th84
Grats fellas!
Quote from AppiePils :Good to see you guys are (finally?) stepping over the border and expend your activities!

RMachucaA, PeterLaan, Borbor, and Carl078 are all from Canada.

Brian is from the US.
Congrats Brian
Grats Brian,
You've certainly joined some of the quickest and friendliest guys I've seen in LFS.

Best of luck to you.
Congrats Brian, look forward to seeing you in my mirrors over on CORE or at NASSA.

Nice guys And glad to see that you have plans to join MoE's next season, we are going to require a lot of new & fast teams
Quote from banshee56 :RMachucaA, PeterLaan, Borbor, and Carl078 are all from Canada.

Brian is from the US.

Border as in racing abroad :P and not NA only

Lee, isn't it your birthday soon? Grandpa :P Get used to those brain farts since they will occur more often when you get older.

O btw, this time you can't blame it on my accent ;P
Hmmm...yeah....Grandpa get's a bit older in a couple weeks.

And, BTW, can I blame that video you did showing off your new t-shirt on your accent??
I just noticed CoRe.DeadWolfBones was promoted to co-manager. Congrats! Keep up the good work.
Bones wasn't really "promoted"....other than Viruz and me, he's the member with the longest tenure with CoRe and has always been at the forefront of all things CoRe, so it was only natural that he be recognized for what he already does.
Hi Guys,

Looking to join your sever tonight but...

I can see people on the server in LFSW but server doesn't show in the server list

Last time this happened I found I was banned from the server

Not again? I didn't mean it, really
Gratz, Brian! Core is a great group of people for sure!
Quote from cwmax :Hi Guys,

Looking to join your sever tonight but...

I can see people on the server in LFSW but server doesn't show in the server list

Last time this happened I found I was banned from the server

Not again? I didn't mean it, really

hmm that's odd. Everyone else seemed to connect fine tonight.

Maybe try using the join specific game option before you enter the server list, and see if that works. Could it be you had some sort of filter on?
Quote from cwmax :Hi Guys,

Looking to join your sever tonight but...

I can see people on the server in LFSW but server doesn't show in the server list

Last time this happened I found I was banned from the server

Not again? I didn't mean it, really

The "can reset" feature was on, and was likely filtered out of your LFS server listing.
Quote from banshee56 :And, BTW, can I blame that video you did showing off your new t-shirt on your accent??

Hahaha!! Can't blame that on the accent, that's just a typical example of an Appie brain fart

Although I personally don't know brian, congratulations to the both of you!
Thanks Banshee, no reset was the only option I didn't check.

And sorry to be OT, Congrats Brian
CW, this thread is about people joining CoRe.....there's only ONE way for you to get back on topic in this thread....

Quote from banshee56 :CW, this thread is about people joining CoRe.....there's only ONE way for you to get back on topic in this thread....

CoRe Racing info thread
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