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What's with the announcement?
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Quote from joshdifabio :Here is my analogy:

Phlos - burglar
LFS - bank

So, the bank stores personal details, valuable non-encrypted passwords (apparently) and possibly even financial details. Flaws in the bank's security system are pointed out. Nothing is done to fix these flaws, and protect paying customers' valuable details. Now, the man who pointed these flaws out decides to exploit them (wrongly so). He climbs through the open window, locks the guards out and leaves a note of ridicule, apparently taking nothing.

Now, there is no doubt Phlos has done wrong here; don't be fooled, I don't think he has done a great thing, or that it is even excusable. However, he isn't the only guilty party here and that should not be overlooked.

Try and realise that I have no loyalties with Phlos, I used to race with him quite frequently and sometimes speak with him on msn. A man I respect more than him is Scawen, but my love for this sim and respect for Scawen
won't lead me to think that a petty 'breaker-and-enterer' should be tried as a 'bank robber'.


Buddy you need to have a serious look at yourself,

It doesnt matter how easy it is to break in, its the act of breaking in thats illegal.
Quote from Ian.H :In this case, a script kiddie.. only script kiddies compromise web sites like that and do it for one reason ........
Phlos may well be a hacker due to his coding antics.. his compromising of this site however, was nothing more than an act of a retarded script kiddie.

Fair enough.
Quote from djgizmo68 :I'd hack for pie...

mmmm pie

so just recap i just found this story by clicking on his last post because i saw under his name it said "no longer welcome"

what did he do

and what happened
logged in, unbanned himself, banned all the mods and gave himself admin rights?
I hope you don't mind if I close this thread because it's just so old, it's not news, and when possible it's nice to keep the general discussion forum clean and with information that is relevant to current times.
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What's with the announcement?
(280 posts, closed, started )