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Cars we wanna see in S3
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Lamborghini Reventón, RB4 GTR
I'd have to say something similer to the Bowler Nemesis.
I'd rather have a Trophy truck then, better in every way,
BMW rally car
and btw more rally cars
Quote from ADX.14 :Breizh, ERA herself is an electric car has no gear and not suitable for LFS. I've remembered my old entry about RAC GTR.

Orion's beauty for RAC GTR

Yep, Orion's is nice. Except from the side. Overall the ERA's a nicer bodywork. That's why I said it made for a better bodywork basis for an RAC GTR.
Deltawing Race Car, LX GTR, RB4 GTR, FZ GT1, XR GT1, FX GT1
Personnaly what I would like is that we get some real off-road racing.

Full off-road track, rally cars and 4x4 (speaking of real off-roaders here, not stuff like Escalades)

What would also be nice is a V8 muscle car balanced with either the TBOs or the LRFs. It could even be equiped with a solid rear axle like on 'stangs before the current generation.
yes and please add a tank with projectiles.
Quote from Hank90 :what about K1 attack car

Lovely one, indeed.

Road cars, sports cars, race cars.. Personally, I prefer race cars and spectacular oldskool ones from 60's and 70's in "Victory by Design" series. But this is just a dream. And I've realized that I have no expectations for car suggestions anymore. I'm too old for waiting and it takes too long to implementing for devs.
The more the merrier,
But if I have to be specific. I like civilian type cars, so anything far and in between a Honda R or a Skyline GTR. Everything Nissan, nothing hyundai. I'm hoping Forza volume, but would prefer quality over quantity.
nissan 350z, and turbo 350z
I wanna see ford rs200
A lot of these silly suggestions can be made in LFS tweak so you can enjoy them without burdening everyone with a poor choice of car.
Nothing like an '86 Jaguar Sovereign.

That should be in the game, I don't care if it's a luxary saloon it's got a 5.3l V12, does that qualify? :P
Quote from dadge :shame there's no light coming from the headlights. that's what LFS should look like if everyone gets their wish.

Good luck blaming JO53PHS, haven't seen him around a while here.
What is a s3.?

I wanna see a Citroen 3 cv gtr.....
I wanna see pure rallycross car!
Bmw e30 318is or 325i sport
I haven't seen trough all 131 posts, but I wanna see Toyota AE86 and something like Skyline R32 or R34. And maybe some Eco cars just for fun. (Gran Turismo 4 features a f*ckin' Prius so why not?)
There could be a diesel car. :headbang:
Don't care which one, just do it !!

Cars we wanna see in S3
(4613 posts, started )