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Quote from Vain :In that case, head yourself here (DVD "Porsche 956 Incar" at racing-underground).


Thanx, but I already know the site and the DVD
Great video. Im bit wondering why he's not using 2nd gear for some corner, he afraid?

Great driving anyways, really enjoyed that one
And magnificent car
Quote from N I K I :Im bit wondering why he's not using 2nd gear for some corner, he afraid?

Obviously you don't race in real life. With the gearing he had 3rd gear meant he didn't have to change gear for a lot of the course, and the car was still traction limited even at lower revs. To change gear then would have been pointless and slow.
Are you saying that car has enough power to break traction in 3rd gear?? Through power alone?
Watch the video - in 3rd gear out of the corners he gets power oversteer. Not caused solely by power, but power whilst cornering. Hence traction limited, rather than power limited, when full throttle just accelerates the car.
Quote from sil3ntwar :

seriously if you can sit through the whole thing with the audio on you are a champ.

"Here comes Maddog, here comes Stomper, here comes Maddog, here comes Stomper, here comes Maddog."

"Oh here we go, here we go, here we go, here we go, here we go."

Quality commentary... not!
Here they come, here they come, OH, OH, there they go, there they go, AH, AH!

This is better, and without the annoying commentator.
Quote from sil3ntwar :

Not for you, bug in general: people, please remove that "nz" (or any other language) thing from the url before posting the link. It changes the language of youtube and it's annoying, especially if the language is something else than English.
Quote from farcar :I remember watching this on TV a while back...

Nice find the track looks huge with the aussieracers

Just spoted this 1995 Bathurst Perkins 29 -1st an oldie but goodie...

Found a few more interesting vids on tyres

I want delaminating tyres in LFS when they get overheated
Slightly overkill...?
When the course it that short, and you have a V10 engine like that, who cares about drag? You want every last ounce of downforce, from as low a speed as possible...

Awesome car. Really awesome.
Quote from andybarsblade :Awesome sounding car with a million wings

I've posted this before (elsewhere on the forum), but my link is dead now, since it was a .wmv from You have to register on the site now, but I recommend going through the dull rigmarole of signing up since they have loads of good quality hill climb footage (have a look at 2t4t too)

Meanwhile here's an onboard of the Predator at Shelsley Walsh again.
And at Doune.

V10 porn

Racing videos
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