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Edit my screenshot
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Quote from Bose321 :hi, this is the first time(correct me if im wrong) that i requested an edit for my screenshots, so i just tested my new rig, and LFS Z, and i was bored, so i took a screenshot, i think it kinda failed, because i couldn't get the sun reflection right in the camera

Let your imaginations run wild, and please edit this for me


Here is Your one:

Quote from jaws99 :Could someone have a stab at this one please? Quality isn't that great but it's the best my gfx card can handle!!

Thanks in advance!

And yours too:
Quote from Furiously-Fast :Here is Your one:

Nice, only you forgot a little bit of blur on the front tire, and maybe you could blur the backtire
Wow, cheers mate, nice work
Here's something to kill some time with
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FZ5 Wall.jpg
Is it any good?
lol i don't think so
Furious, did you yhink it was any good?
Is it any good? Please I really want to know since it took 2 hours to make!
Honestly? No...

I mean, why the hell is there an XRR in the middle of the sea? Tbh, i cant see what took you 2 hours...unless you made the beach too.

It just looks like a simple cut and paste with a reflection put underneath the car...
You try doing it then..... It's the last time I make anything for someone because unless it is coding I just get flamed.
Who would put a XRR in the sea?

Edit my screenshot
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