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Patch X TODAY - Final Test NOW! :)
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Its up!
Quote from al heeley :not long now....

indeed, you can download it. fire up lfs, the autoupdater will start immediately.
ahhhhhhhh dont say that Al, makes it worse, the last 3 mins of my politics exam were sooooooooooo looong =/
its out
20 people more!
got - thz devs - u r Heros
go get it
got it
633 on teh forum, and its is up!
Downloading now ! 26mb
Wherreee Wheererrre !!! Where Can I Download It ??????!!!
5 away from record!!!111
i am downloading patch x ingame. i started lfs -> multiplayer "a new update is avaible"

26 mb
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Wherreee can i download this???????????????????????????
people are going nuts now ....
weeee good job scawen
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EDIT: Oh sorry i was a little bit to slow
MfG Reese
Quote from Lada18 :Wherreee can i download this???????????????????????????

go in LFS and click on MULTIPLAYER, and then show serverlist (dont know what it is in english exactly)
yay finally
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Patch X TODAY - Final Test NOW! :)
(231 posts, closed, started )