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October Progress Report
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If someday I buy VR (when they are cheaper) it would be because I really want to try it in Live for Speed for the first time.
I bought my first VR helmet was now just 1 year ago for the last BF and I will never forget the emotion when I tryed it for the first time, seeing the car as if you were inside was something indescribable, literally dropped tears before driving even!

Nothing you read or listen will help you get an idea of ​​what VR is, you must try it yourself.
Quote from THE WIZARD DK :when they build 3 gorges dam in china and filled water in it. it actually cause the entire planet to tilt a bit more, slowing it down further and faster meaning more violent weather systems.

The three gorges dam didn't make the planet tilt any more. What it did do was move trillions of kilograms of water above sea level, slowing the earths rotation down and making each day of the year 0.6 microseconds longer. I don't see how such a minute difference could have any affect on the weather though...
(Sobis) DELETED by Sobis : Eh, useless
no one is going to read your bs wizard, you damn fart
Well that is not a very nice comment from double account holder "False hope".

But the truth is your posts are way too long again, Wizard. On my monitor both of those two posts are two pages high.

I've asked you before, even in this thread, to moderate yourself and avoid making such long posts with all these pictures and videos.

I don't know how I can explain it any more clearly.

Consider this:

1) If you make a post, that is short and to the point, people may take a few seconds out of their day to read it.

2) If you do a really long post that spans multiple pages, they will see it and become instantly irritated. They are very unlikely to read it. They will scroll down below it and in some cases they will report the post.

I wish you would take on board what I am saying. Your posts are:

1) too long
2) too extreme
3) too frequent

Not one or the other of those 3. All of them.

I've kind of had enough now so I'll close the thread. I've got too much to do and don't want to get into a moderating mode. Thank you all for your input and it's good to hear you like the progress and most of you are concerned about the environment too. Wink
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October Progress Report
(381 posts, closed, started )