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Competive XRR & FZR drifting cars
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I mean the idea is cool, but I doubt it will actually get implemented into LFS.
I hope the new tire model has more forgiving heat simulation, and is drift-friendly.
I think the LFS has nothing to lose, the only thing that would change was just change tires because rest is just creating perfect setup for such a test.
Please do this! It would be awesome!!
of course we need that so bad... hopefully we get that! thats gonna be so awesome!
Quote from Somppi :We need that update. Only reason i bougth lfs was realistic drifting but its not possible wihtout tweaker so far. I hope we got update soon

im dead
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Please hurry up! We need these modifications fast in the game!!!!
Hurry up with what? Its not going to happen.
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Why not? it´s not that we ask something what is really hard to modify in the game! Its really easy and these new features will help the game to stay alive! We need right now new drifting cars for the game!!!! we are so tired at this point to the tweak stuff like tiretools and pro tweaker because the multiplayer online lag is so pain in the ass! We want to have drifting competitions what are lagless. We want real drifting cars in the game what have power and steering angle so that we can enjoy more this awsome game what have super realistic driving physics.

Please developers, give us a change to take the drifting in this game next level. Here finland is over 100 players who are interested this game because of the nice simulation of the realistic driving physics.. all we want is pure drifting cars on the game..
This is racing simulator. 100 peoples that just drift wont make this game stay alive.
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in the LFS community is lot of people who like drifting and like live for speed because it has what we want for drifting driving physics. So this game will stay alive if the developers will help drifting drivers enjoy the game.
I mostly come to lfs to drift. it would be nice. or a xtr ''tuned'' to play with. something already in the game. I really love lfs. Probably my favorite physics or near asseto corsa. I wish the update exist. i just saw time transition coming and i now feel close to chrismas Omg omg omg
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Competive XRR & FZR drifting cars
(62 posts, started )