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Competive XRR & FZR drifting cars
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Competive XRR & FZR drifting cars
We are tired at this point to see lagging tweak drifting cars online because tweak softwares (tiretools & pro tweaker). We want in the game real FZR & XRR drifting cars or optional features for XRR & FZR that they can drift competively without lag.

These updates would be really stunning in the future of Live For Speed:

-XRR & FZR cars new drifting models of them? They have optional 500 - 900 horsepower range, steering angle is 65 degrees max, they weight the same (1200kg) maybe? and tyre sizes are bolth cars same example rear: (265/40r18) and front (225/40r18) maybe?

-XRR & FZR cars can have new drifting tire models? "drift" road normal and "drift" road super what will last longer to not losen the grip that easily and make more smoke in the beginning of the drift with fresh tires when wheel speed is right.

We hope that live for speed starts to notice that drifting is the new future of racing.
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This would be so cool! I'm sure that LFS sales would go up really much after this update!
Would sell my soul to get these!!
This is the update what LFS need.
Yes please!
Would be 5/5 update
Insane idea! I love it
Nice idea! I love it. More drifting cars would be sick awesome
As you developers might know there is a lot of players who play lfs just for the realistic physics of the game. But there is a big community of players who like to drift in this game. But in the current state of the game that is not so enjoyable as it could be. The game is lacking adjustments to make drifting reliable and enjoyable. We have to use tweaks mentioned above to drift competetive. We have this Finnish drifting league in Lfs in the winter time where real life professional Finnish drifters and enthusiasts (like me) can practise for the next years season.

These changes that were suggested above would release us from using tweaks that cause lag and make the game better for the drifting community aswell.

We, drivers of Sladi Masters Finland hope to see you developers to notice our conserns and suggestions.

Best regards, Tommaey1
that would be so much better than using those tweaks, makes the cars lagging and its little bit challenging when the car you need to follow lags to walls and other stuff

5/5 good idea, supporting this
Cool idea this could be amazing for the lfs drift community.
This would be great!
YAY! We need more power and steering angle to XRR and FZR. Tweak is lagging badly. This is a great idea. Let's make LFS great Again!
Yes we need this, lfs please !
yes please!
I agree and i'd love if it would have like different engine tuning stages for every car so if you are in a competition you can lock a specific engine tune stage so that every driver has the same amount of power.

But definetly the game needs more support to drifting community!
Most of the LFS community is also based around drifting so this would make sence!
OH BABY YES!!! This is excactly what we drifters need! Great idea! Really really hope that LFS developers take a hint on this one!
Totally agree! YES.
yes please!
I would like to see tire update/new drifting tires. Also more power would be nice/adjustable.
It would be nice to bring some other drifting aspect to the game rather than XRT/XRG/FZ5. XRR and FZR are really competive cars for drifting, since they have adjustable wings and wide tires.
We have sladimasters and look how much players drift in DRIFT+SCORER server.... Drifting is rising to the top. We need more power good steering angle and much tires.
We need that update. Only reason i bougth lfs was realistic drifting but its not possible wihtout tweaker so far. I hope we got update soon
Oh man!

Competive XRR & FZR drifting cars
(62 posts, started )