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Edit my screenshot
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Wow noone can't do one photo at least... the render guys are much better than you. :P
Can someone edit this pic in any way.
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That is cool.
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Edit :)
Feel free to edit this

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Quote from kars19 :anyone up for the job? :expressio

I gave it a go

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wow, picture from 2010
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Quote from Litro :Anyone?

Im very new to Photoshop and I came here for inspiration but decided to give this 4y/o post a shot!
It looks terrible, I know. but I'm just posting it to get advise and to improve myself and my skills

ps - I've also inclused some of my first designs that I made a couple of days ago, let me know how to improve them!

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!Wink
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Toyoto & Me  FINISHED.jpg
Toyoto, Ilia & Me Finished v2.jpg
Ilia & Nofy FINISHED.jpg
Quote from nigel_2003 :I'm just posting it to get advise and to improve myself and my skills

Funny to see that people are still learning how to photoshop LFS screenshots. I used to be very passionate about it, but it's basically obsolete these days, as most racing sims look good enough already.

I'll tell you what I see is wrong with the first one:

There are a lot of details that don't add up. Wheels are blurry (spinning), but neither the car nor the scenery are blurred. So it seems like the car is standing there, but with all four wheels spinning? But only the rears are smoking? On a flooded street? No tyre spray? There's heavy rain but only right in front of the camera. We see none of it hitting the street or car and there's a bright sky in the background, doesn't look like a rainy day (also because of the warmth of colours).

Then there's minor details like the reflection should show the floor of the car. Smoke is a bit too bright, also needs to appear thicker (not see-through) and voluminous (highlights and shadowing). Or the spinning brake calipers Tongue.
Wow, I didn't expect that someone would react to this post ever again.
Anyways, I did end up giving up hope on this screenshot editing thingy Shrug
Still thanks for the very usefull tips tho! I'll make sure I'll think of it if I ever come back to this maybe a couple of months/years later.
Hehe, Thanks! Big grin
Quote from Tonttula :Can someone edit this pic in any way.

There you go Smile Had a little play in Photoshop, going to be doing similar things with real photos this car show season so it was good to practice Smile
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Quote from Litro :Anyone?

Seeing that I was replying to a post that was several years old (keep forgetting to check the timestamps Big grin ) I did another one that was a bit more recent... just faffing with effects Big grin
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here's one if anyone wants to give it a try!

Please, edit my screen
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Quote from Mates1337 :Please, edit my screen

There we go Smile These are quite fun to do Big grin
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Anyone who wants to try a hand at editing these?

Pretty nice wallpaper ish picture ratio already, but maybe some unexpected edit. Tongue
Rain would be cool, although I'm way too noob with Psd to do anything with edits. Ho.
anyone wanna have a go at this?

Anyone want to edit my profile picture?

Edit my screenshot
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