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iRacing - chapter III
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Quote from nathan246 :Since when?

Since the iRacers decided that you're either with them or against them.
Quote from dawesdust_12 :Since the iRacers decided that you're either with them or against them.

Wow, I can smell that from here, must be some strong BS.
Quote from PMD9409 :So I'm only allowed to praise a company for when it does something good, but not bring up the fact that they have also made mistakes? Why is it so important to you to make me a blind fanboy of iRacing?

I didn't say anything of the above.
Quote from dawesdust_12 :Since the iRacers decided that you're either with them or against them.

More like anybody who says a good thing about iRacing gets accused of being a massive Fanboy. We all know how you feel about iRacing Dustin, but you're just so obsessed with it that you can't just stay out of this thread. What does that make you?
Quote from muscimol :I didn't say anything of the above.

Of course, just simple accusations like the one you made. Doesn't feel good when the shoe is on the other foot does it?
That BMW though... Omg. Beautiful to drive.
Revolutionary Racing is hosting their first official pre-season test for their 5th season of the GT3 Touring Car Cup.

The session is online through the HOSTED Sessions tab, and is available for Revolutionary Racing league members.

A stream of the event will be available in aprox. a half hour @
streams not working
Quote :A stream of the event will be available in aprox. a half hour @

5 minutes from now!
no commentary until beginning of race and end of q.
Anyone agree the quality is terrible?
apart from poor fps & a too loud commentator its alright.
Well hopefully next time we get it up on and get proper commentators.
Just won a GT3 race and was told by the guy in second that I was too slow, yet he never got within a half second of me after I blitzed by him on the outside of a corner.

Please lmao.
I love when people do that. I raced a guy real hard in the Miata at Limerock once and ended up winning because he spun. After the race he said I was slowing us down and being disrespectful/too risky by trying to pass him when not on the front straight. We only made contact once (0x, afterwards I conceded several car lengths as an apology) and that race was the only time I averaged a sub 1:00 lap at Limerock.

How the hell can one win and be too slow?
The best thing was the fact that the only reason he caught up was because he yolo bombed the hairpin complex at Mosport while I was sissy footing it to save the left front tire.

So he catches up on entry, but on exit I fly a second away
I learnt pretty quickly that anyone who uses a mic and does a lot of talking is someone to stay well clear of. I did a race at limerock in the mx5 or spec racer and the one guy that told everyone several times to be careful on the first lap took me out at turn 2 then took someone out at turn 5 up the hill. All on the first lap of a 25 lap race.
Notice, don't talk to much.

Once on WGlen in the GT3 I was on a fast lap in practise while someone does not let me pass and blocking road as I was way faster than him.
As I catched him and raced 2 corners bumper to bumper with him he spun and took me out.
I just commend it with a simple "wtf" which started him to get totally mad, shouting and teaching me what is practise about and what the heck I think I am.

I replied to calm down, but dafuq people - this is sometimes worse as you experience in Counter-Strike voicechats.
Well, people don't respect otherse in practice or qual sessions at all and that is bugging me. I was on a WR lap @ Silverstone RUF Cup and the guy who was on an outlap just hangs in front of me at approx. 5 sec off pace then gets mad if I bumpercheck him from behind.
While racing Daytona at 3am and drunk I asked if anyone else covered the cameras on their phone with their thumb so the NSA doesn't see them jerkin' it. I made some guy cry and he wrecked the whole field. Some next level tactics right there kiddos.



iRacing - chapter III
(1152 posts, started )