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CoRe Racing info thread
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Welcome guys!

Nice catch, guys. Congrats and good luck in the future.
Grats to all!
Welcome Boys!
Good luck to both of you!
Grats CoRe, nice add to line-up. What happened with Dynamix?
Quote from VTiRacing :Grats CoRe, nice add to line-up. What happened with Dynamix?

You didn't join so we closed it
Good luck Patrick - Lacko
Congrats to the team and drivers.
Gratz Paddi, hope it works out for you.
Good to see Core gets some new drivers!

Congrats and much luck to both parties in the future!
Welcome Guys
Welcome postman Pat and Lacko!
Sign in for the future!

Today we´re proud to present another german driver.
The 25 years old Markus Blohm who drove the GT World Series in our rows is a mostly unknown driver in international scene
even he were on Podium in the overallstandings of GenR´s GTi Trophy!

Markus who hails from Oldenburg / Germany is a addition for future races as he is improving his skills with every race he is driving.
So keep a eye on him. May you will eat his dust in future!

Markus will drive as CoRe M.Blohm with #66 from now on!

Give him a warm welcome!
Welcome Markus!
Wooohoooo! Thank you guys!
Grats, Markus!
Welcome, Markus
Grats CoRe, looks like one and only team who is still recruiting members and growing.. to somewhere!
Grats! At least you still have plans with LFS.
good to see core racing is still going strong
Happy birthday, Laipnieks.

CoRe Racing info thread
(1499 posts, started )