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The Inevitable Picture Thread IV: A New Funny
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Quote from ACCAkut :

What's fairly amusing about that is the fingerprint info doesn't ever leave the device. Never backed up by iCloud.
Quote from dawesdust_12 :What's fairly amusing about that is the fingerprint info doesn't ever leave the device. Never backed up by iCloud.

Has to be true right
Quote from Boris Lozac :Has to be true right

Well, give it a week and that will be proved to be true. I don't really see what Apple would have to gain by lying about that, other than a lot of negative press if it was untrue.

It's not worth the risk for them to lie about something like that.
Well, Apple may assures that they won't, but I find it pretty conceivable that a few line of code end up the devices made by people on the NSA paylist
Dustin, Dustin... can´t be so naive
Its easy to lift off fault from appleś shoulders if things should come to public one day and blame NSAlike organisations. After all apple is just another electronic company, murica couldn´t care less if they have higher bets on stake than just apples good name...just a drop in the ocean.
I'm sorry, but with recent things like the NSA listening into pretty much every secure connection (even this one potentially!)... Apple lying to their consumers about keeping their fingerprint data on device, and having that come out would be just suicide. No company is that stupid.

Besides, because of how security certificates work with chain of trust, Apple ultimately holds the "master key" to devices in the first place.

If they ever needed to (due to subpoena), they can very easily sign a custom firmware (that iBoot will happily boot, because it's signed by Apple) to be able to access the data. This hasn't ever happened (AFAIK), but with a trusted boot chain, the ultimate key holder can sign whatever they want.

Before you all go off the deep end as well about Apple, Microsoft has a very similar system with newer EFI computers. They've started having "trusted boot" as well, but Microsoft is the vendor that signs the binaries. They can, in theory, sign anything they want.

Same thing with all those "locked" boot loaders that Android phones have. The manufacturer can sign anything they want to get your data if they wanted to.
Just a matter of pressing the right buttons if the hell is about to break loose. itś either that or nothing at all. company like that can be terrorised to bankrupt if needed.
It's so the expenses can be kept low.

After all, they're for a 'budget' phone that costs around €700,-
You guys are incorrect in your assessment that the 5C is supposed to be a "budget" phone. After all, Apple makes products that are high margin quality products. To release a "budget" product spits in the face of their entire business strategy.

A more accurate assessment that others have made is that the 5C was Jony Ive being allowed to use all of his creativity to create a phone geared towards younger people, while still having the 5S for adults.
Whatever the case is, it's ugly, i'm sure they were killing themselves cause Nokia already took the best colors for a color phone and they had to go with those pale washed out ones..
Or.. you know.. The part where iOS 7 has embraced those pastel colours so it makes logical sense that the colourful phones match that same colour palette?
Works for a UI design but no so much for the cases..
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The Inevitable Picture Thread IV: A New Funny
(3743 posts, started )