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LFS UK Kart Meet 2013
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LFS UK Kart Meet 2013
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I will again be doing the event this year. As it is late to post I have based this on 20 people attending.

Event Info

The venue: G-Force Karting Map & Directions My house

The karts: 200 cc karts, up to 10 on track at once

The event:
We have the whole track to ourselves the entire day, so when we have the numbers we can work out any format we like

The date:
August 9th-11th 2013
The time:
10am (11am race start) to 5pm

The cost:
£90, need full amount asap (based on 20 people) - The account to send the money to is PLEASE SEND AS A GIFT!

Other Event details

The track is very close to my house. For those who want to stay at mine, you are welcome. You can even pitch up tents in my garden if you want, I have plenty of space. I could probably accommodate around 20 in my house and more if you brought tents, you would just need to bring a sleeping bag. Also we have a BBQ after the karting. I have a Full size pool table, Wii, lots of PC's (with LFS of course), XBOX 360, projector and of course there will be plenty of beer and a BBQ. I would want £20 each for food and beer if you stay at mine (included in the price). For those not wanting to stay at mine, there are plenty of cheap hotels close to the karting.


If you would like to come, please reply to this post, then if we have spaces, I will put you down.

1. Turkey £90
2. Mark £90
3. Pete £90
4. KayJay £90
5. Andreas B £90
6. holtti.jr £90
7. Victor £90
8. Becky Rose £90
9. Macker £70 (3 man team)
10. Bob Smith £90 (3 man team)
11. _Rob_ £90
12. IsaacPrice £90
13. The Very End £90
14. boothy £70 (3 man team)
15. three_jump £90
16. brood £90
17. Robendo £90
18. der butz £90
19. Andrew Lovett £90
20. Keith £90
21. Jessie (my niece) £50 (3 man team)
22. Mp3 Astra £70 (3 man team)
23. Daniel (3 man team)

Fordman (speccing)

Possibles -


Can't come -
Jason Lovett
Andrew Lovett
* Not racing
Bold are confirmed
Just thought I would post my plan for the weekend.


People will be arriving by car all day up until early evening, so friday will be about taking all the arrivals. There will be snacks and sandwiches etc for the day, then I think we normally order take out (chinese/kebabs/pizza's etc) for the evening. We should go over the team pairings also then.

Activities - Pool, Darts, Wii, LFS, cards, chess, getting to know eachother, drinking, eating etc...


07:00-08:15 Get up, shower and get ready, coffee!! (4 bathrooms so we should be ok)
08:15-9:15 Breakfast at the local Cafe.
9:15-18:00 Karting See below

10:00 - 10:30 Arrive at site
10:30 - 11:00 Kitting out and briefing.
11.00 - 11.30 Practice (10 mins each)
11.45 - 12.45 Mini Endurance - 1 hour race (1 x 20 minute stint each)
12.45 - 13.00 Break
13.00 - 16.00 Main Endurance race - 3 hours race (2 x 30 minute stints each)
16.00 - 17.00 Individual Sprint Races (3 x 10 minute heats with a 10 minute final)
17.00 - Whenever - back to Jason's for those staying the evening.

Note : we will be using the practice session at the start to not only familiarise ourselves with the track, but also check the karts out. Each driver will get a chance to see if their kart is either faulty or slow, any problems can be rectified by pulling in to the pits and telling the marshall. They can then take the kart to the mechanic, who will fix it. We have been assured that the karts are all in good order, but you know how these things work, there's always one kart that runs like a pig!!

18:00-19:00 Showers/change clothes etc
19:00 onwards will be BBQ and PARTY!!


I have bought plenty of cereal and orange juice so that should send you home OK

House Rules

Smoking is allowed downstairs, but no smoking upstairs at all, and also no shoes upstairs. There is a bathroom downstairs so it shouldn't be a problem.

I have 14 meg wireless unlimited internet and have taken my password off for the weekend so if anyone wants to bring laptops etc they are welcome to use my connection. I also have 20 Ethernet ports spare for those without wireless.
Please also add your paypal account name here, think it is the easiest way to transfer. Can of course also just do a manually account to account transfer if that is wished for.
Added paypal details to OP.
I might be interested to go if I can get it to fit in with plans to meet friends/relatives in the UK on a weeks visit or something.
I'll be there! Will sort payment out in the next couple of days.

Edit: Just to clarify, it's £90 + £20 = £110 ?
Nope £90 in total.
I'll be in wales in August seeing friends anyway, so why not! Add me as a tba
Money sent, GBP

Lets ask the involved people and get the ball rolling fast, so I can order plane tickets as soon as we have a certain date.

So, with this is mind, am I banned from Darts this years or? (see attachment)
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Yes your crap and hit my wall more than the dartboard
Quote from jasonmatthews :Nope £90 in total.

Can't argue with that.

I could do with the date being confirmed as soon as possible too because I have a wedding to RSVP on, and this takes priority over wearing a dress but I am being chased and can't answer until I know for sure if ill be in Wales instead.
Very nice,

Definitely interested in attending this year. I've Poked Andreas B and Holtti.jr (Mike) as well.

Will get back to you ASAP, Jason.

Edit: 17th or 24th suits me the best!
yep, if you pick the 10th, then I'll be there! It's the only weekend in august I can make it.
dang, if it was in my summer vecation I'd come.
If the price of the flights to & fro alone wouldn't mostly decimate my savings account I'd go. :schwitz$1500 round trip CVG -> LHR with a connecting flight in between each way - my god flying is expensive)

The rest of the trip would decimate whatever WAS left however.

I know I've said "maybe next year" for the last year or two, but ACTUALLY maybe 2014 if it's done again in the same time of year. Mind you I've got all my vacation booked for this year so I don't have enough left for this year anyway!
I'm interested
7 years since the last one I attended...still remember it well though!
Interested as well, as is a buddy of mine (not active on the forum, but a motorsport nut and fellow simracer), but due to my studies I can't confirm anything yet.

But I think I'd prefer going by plane this time instead of a one week roadtrip. No offence Tor but your car was too small
Don't talk shit about my poor little Huyndai Atos

PS: I am going by plane aswell this year!
I would like to come again, would only be able to do the 17th though
Hmm, tempting if we had more people to lower the cost, I'd make sure I go via Wolverhampton to try and drag someone else along
Quote from The Very End :Haha!
Don't talk shit about my poor little Huyndai Atos

It looks like a clown car to me!
Quote from felplacerad :Very nice,

Definitely interested in attending this year. I've Poked Andreas B and Holtti.jr (Mike) as well.

Will get back to you ASAP, Jason.

Edit: 17th and 24th suits me the best!


The 10th works best for me.
Question is, is 10th not OK, as that is the only date Victor can do?
You'll never get a date everyone can do, so you may aswell pick one and go with it.

For me, this is a date in my calendar that I re-arrange other things around it's the only racing I still do, and I wouldn't miss it for a nuclear holocaust.

LFS UK Kart Meet 2013
(271 posts, started )