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same here...execpt for the temp....-11 C D:
50+ cm already on the ground and still snowing... AWD/RWD weather!!
Quote from Stig209 :50+ cm already on the ground and still snowing... AWD/RWD weather!!

in jyväskylä??
Quote from Stig209 :yep

according to finnish meteorological institute there were 27 cm yesterday.
kinda weird...
EDIT: hmm... maybe got myself an answer why it says 27cm and we have twice that much in our yard...
Well, on the first day of Winter we got our first snow here. It never works that way
38 degrees here (100 F), as we are about to enjoy a hearty meal and then open up our christmas presents. Not quite a white christmas per se, but everyone's looking a bit pale.
it's trying to snow here, south east UK... and the forecast is snow tonight and most of tomorrow
Everything is already white here.
40 cm expected in hungary next week !
it's my reaction when i hear school is shut after snow ^^
Some very light snow here now
Had light snow for the past 5 hours, the past half hour it's got quite heavy.

It's starting to settle on cars and grass, but it's still melting as it lands on the road.
Quote from e2mustang :40 cm expected in hungary next week !

That's just me arriving to shoot a porn movie.
There is the tiniest amount of white stuff on the ground here, but already I've recieved calls from people asking if I can just bring my Jeep (that annoys me since it is a Range Rover, not a Jeep) and help them with xyz. These are the same people that call me a baby narwhal killer the rest of the year. So **** that noise. If I could take a FWD open diff van through worse they can cope.

That said, if you're a hot babe in distress, you can have my number and I'll be right over.
Snow everywhere. Reminds me how much I hate FWDs
Well hows about that. I told my mum to "learn to drive" instead of running around North Yorkshire for her. She decided to take my advice and drive her own car in the snow. I got a text message saying "best fun ever! scary at times but the empty car park was awesome" I think we have a convert. In the shape of a 50something year old woman.
Got quite a bit of snow down today...even in an FWD, snow is fun, heck just for a little wheelspin or something, it's generally awesome!
30C here. Amazing winter...

You live in Florida, what do you expect. That'd be like living in Alaska and expecting to sunbathe.
It was down to 0C for a couple nights. Our winter lasts about 2 weeks here. I know I know, my fault for living here.

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