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Suddenly shitload of snow everywhere in here too
Loads of snow in Denmark over the weekend.

-11 this morning when i waited for the train.
Suddenly an inch of snow here. Want moar!
All of you are so damn annoying with your snow reports no one cares about.

Quote from RevengeR :All of you are so damn annoying with your snow reports no one cares about.


Lol, it just started snowing here. Problem?
It started snowing here!

Quote from Dennis93 :
-11 this morning when i waited for the train.

-23 here! it's a miracle my car even started this morning
You guys... I barely use a stupid sweater/jacket... I even take my shirt off sometimes at night 'cause my room gets too hot...
yeah, because winter exists in Mexico...
According to most people it does, everyone wears winter clothes, I feel like the only fool without them when I go to werk at around 7:30am... Haha
Finally a few inches of snow! (Now wait for the public transport system to have a meltdown). Although I do wish it will snow in 3 weeks time too.
Yay, it arrived. I was late from work because of some sideways fun.

Already melting, though.
had a teeny bit of snow this morning, none left now though
I heard there's a lot of snow coming over here.

I also heard I'm not going to school for the rest of the week.
Just in case anybody in North East England (Newcastle area) is looking here:

DO NOT go out! Just took me 1 hour 20 minutes to do 6.5 miles from work to home. The roads are sheet ice in most places, the main routes are gridlocked, and the gritters aren't gritting!
What is snow?
Quote from RevengeR :It's like cocaine, but legal.

That's a fair description~

No bleedin' snow here. Dongying is too dirty for it to last. The second it hits the ground, it realizes where it is and instantly commits suicide.~

Office view today.

More snow coming. maybe 10-15 inches
just the same pic as in "post your car".

Mine is the Porsche.


der butz
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Snooooow... I'm moving!
Moar snoooooowwww in Lithuania!

Yaay! This was my 1000th post in lfsforum!
Quote from Bose321 :How the **** do you pronounce that?

Just like you wrote it, but 99% of the world have no idea what that means..
I'm happy because everyone makes fun of Canada for having so much snow.. and there's none at all
i presume you mean there isnt additional snow on the usual ice sheet in canada?

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