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I hate snow because of the shoveling part, but hell, i wish it was here already, it's so dark and deppresive, i want to jump off a building.
Quote from PMD9409 :High: 29C
Low: 15C

Yep, on track for another hot "winter".

At least you're not on track for a hot summer. Not for the next 10 months at least. :d
looks bad for white christmas this year here...forecast says 6-10 C next few days
loads of rain...
Quote from Fuse5 :exchange students already at it lol

haha, I love that the picture is taller than the page, so you go 'ooh, a snowman! *scroll* *scroll *scroll* ....oh lolwtf'
yeah, at first i was like fuuuuu it stretched the page
but then i lold
It's impressive getting it that erect. Maybe they used a stick under there or something.
well, 2 hours after that pic, ..... it was already asexual : D
dat contrast and color balance yo
It's December 14th and it was 9 degrees celcius today, and raining. Still no snow. In Toronto. Canada. In December... What an odd year.
same here....pretty much
10°C and rain... What is this I don't even...
We had a good 7-10cm of snow a week ago.. now it's been raining nonstop (~5c) and all the snow has gone.

Strange winter.
no snow yet. but loads of rain.
Quote from Dennis93 :no snow yet. but loads of rain.

Same here, last year it already snowed in mid-november, now all we have is rain and a lot of wind.
Global warming is way too mainstream.
12 degrees here today...
10 here today as well. And goddamn rain every day. If it was -5... I go outside I see rain, I see darkness, I see dark clouds, I see no light, it's frustrating.
25C today.

Pure sun here, not even a sprinkle of rain. Normally it's a bit cooler by now, no idea whatsup.
Quote from PMD9409 :25C today.

Pure sun here, not even a sprinkle of rain. Normally it's a bit cooler by now, no idea whatsup.

That gotta suck!
It was chucking it down with snow here for about an hour earlier - really nice big flakes, but none of it stuck
Just a light dusting of snow here, but it's the first snow of winter, which is always nice
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I recon I won't see any snow until 2012

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