The online racing simulator
4 bottles of beeeeeer and a pack of cigs \o/

£200+ with postage

Also got this free:

a beheaded stig is quite the trophy

Available as a boundle on Steam, for the price of 2 of them.
Uplink is so old school haha.
SSD adapter for Mac Pro

External 2.5" HDD enclosure for MBP

Micro USB cable for Raspberry Pi

Then after some vodka shots too, i faceplanted the patio in the garden, was sick in the pond, destroyed the hallway by falling into stuff and had to be put to bed, what a night haha
Quote from stan.distortion :Purchases, not rentals :P

Lol, i was all of a sudden so very drunk, went outside feeling fine, got out there, spun out, faceplant, sick, destroyed house, fell on the living room floor, carried to a bedroom and left to sleep it off, all very odd, i never do that normally.
Quote from KiRmelius :alone?

I bought two for a party and the other 4 are investments. Some people will pay anything to get booze late on a Saturday night.
New jacket to go with the new helmet.
Seasonic SS-1000XP

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Idiot me picked up on another motorcycle, now I have 6!
Bought a 1979 Kawasaki KZ650SR with a locked up engine. Paid $100

(not actual picture of the bike)
you can never have too much bikes.



Diesel, from nearly empty to full tank, 87 quid.
E-mu E4X Sampler

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