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FBM Skins
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They're very cool Zander, would like to see them on a Render.
how do u get these to work in lfs??
put them in Data/Skins.
Quote from tibone :Audi R15 Le Mans inspired livery.

As usual, please do not edit more than the number/flag.

Thanks and enjoy the skin.

I do realise, that the most is relatively old - BUT I ****ING LOVE YOU ! :lovies3d:
Red Bull gold skin by Ferrari96
here is my new skin for the fbm please do not copy this or edit this thx
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RD review.jpg
How i can make my own skins i dont know is this wrong topic to post but i just ask.. what software you use and something
New LFs Police skin (walid-skull) DELETED by SamH : Spammer
my skin

Hope you like it

Skin in 2048.Download and name it: FBM_Flintstones. Already uploaded in LFSW

I like it but I got no use for preview pic.
(K.Räikkönen 1) DELETED by K.Räikkönen 1
Hate to say it but it hurts my eyes a tad :sorry:
(-beelzebub) DELETED by -beelzebub
Did a new skin.
(-beelzebub) DELETED by -beelzebub
FBM Hong Kong Skin
This is my second every LFS skin, so forgive me for the poor quality cz I have literally no experience in skinning. This is an FBM covered in Hong Kong's "Flying Dragon" and "Asia's World City" logo. Hope you like it !!
(Miclas) DELETED by Miclas : wrong place
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-Acer Racers- Team skin
My first skin uploaded here
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LFS 2010-09-09 15-17-07-26.jpg
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I have to say that both the Acer and Petrol skin looks pretty cool !!!
my skin
my skin
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There are Speedy Sprinters skin. I Think this is my best skin so far.
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A private skin for a mate on another forum.

It didn't render that well imo.
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RoninGT Formula BMW Test Livery.jpg
nice skins
nice skins can edit
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moore skins
can edit
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Mountain Dew Motorsport
My first skin, made for the Mountain Dew Motorsport team of Finland. Feel free to edit!
wow thats amazing nice work!
Quote from Mustangman759 :wow thats amazing nice work!

You gotta be kidding !!. Sure scene is nice but not 1 line is aligned.
Bubbels dont align on top and side. It just looks if JPEG were pasted on it aswell.

I like the scene but you need to align the lines on the back and bubbles on front. Then it is some nice artwork.

FBM Skins
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