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[OLD] Tyre Physics Progress Report
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I must be a minority then!

I do feel bad posting in this rubbish thread. You would be saurprised how many players will go back to lfs once the update is here. If the lfs irc channel is anything to go by then 90% of people are having a break from lfs till the patch comes out.
@Macfox this one might be more accurate.
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#779 - e.M
im curious why new physics becouse of scirocco? we have other real cars, were their handling realistic enough and scirocco's werent?
it was explained before search the forum
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what was explained that scirocco is too understeery?
Quote :While we were working on the Scirocco in December, we found that we could not make the LFS model handle as well as the real car. One of the reasons for this was that the LFS tyres had too much grip and this was causing the inside wheels to lose too much load while cornering. But simply reducing the grip would not have been a good approach... the result would have been just the same old LFS but at lower speeds.

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Quote from e.M :but it doesnt answer why now why not earlier

Maybe the Scirrocco is well suited for comparing LFS to real physics.
There could be many things but the obvoius one for me would be that they got more information regarding the physics of the scirocco.
I guess because the Scirocco is the first "proper" real car that normal people would also drive and one just can't help but wonder if it handles like a deathtrap with a 1:1 real life setup and any sort of ESP you code in just makes it even more of a liability.

With the other cars you can kinda argue that no one really drives them and comparing RL to ingame performance is difficult. Besides that, Scawen knows that physics work is very hard and time consuming, so he probably tried to get away with the very good but slightly flawed physics we have now for as long as possible, not to mention that you can't really fix something if you don't exactly know what's wrong with it to begin with.
Hmm, maybe we're also getting the Scirocco GTR, you know? The racing one with the big arches?

And so, the rumour was born. Hehehe.
I bet its WTCC/BTCC BMW. Since we already have 2 Beemers. Plus Rockingham hosts BTCC.
that's right, keep bringing the rumours... feed the fanboys.
The 'fanboys' are the ones least likely to get into a discussion about potential additions.
Quote from :[...] a good software company wants to minimize its support costs by ensuring that its products are top-notch before shipping, so, too, savvy consumers want to ensure products are good before they purchase them so that they won’t have to call support.

So, in fact, Scawen is very smart. The system we have here is very fragile. Think of it? If we got a patch that stopped the game from working, or caused data loss. It would be a tremendous pain for the devs to deal with. Only two of them are active programmers from what I understand. A bad patch could cripple LFS.
There are three kinds of LFS fanboys:
  1. Fans of the developing team's work.
  2. Fans of the potential of what LFS could be.
  3. Fans who hate the developers choice to develope slowly/not expand, deny being LFS fanboys, and call other people LFS fanboys as an insult to divert fanboydom away from them selves. (especially those who have opposite opinions to create the diversion of not bing a fanboy)
4. Fans who try classify other Fanboys in 3 classes to divert fanboydom away from them selves
waiting for ages now to have some new stuff... look at "avatar" and see what people want in 5 years as a common experience in computer games... geez when will there come something new?
Early 2009
Days pass and this feels like it's not moving anywhere. It always "too far" to give ANY sort of estimate, starting to lose hope on this.
#797 - Uke
Early 2009 yet?
Sorry i just had to.. Har har!!
Quote from AndroidXP :I guess because the Scirocco is the first "proper" real car that normal people would also drive and one just can't help but wonder if it handles like a deathtrap with a 1:1 real life setup and any sort of ESP you code in just makes it even more of a liability.......

My personal guess to this long delay is that Devs have a sort of "target" (performance wise) that they must reach and meet in the contract they have with VolksWagen...
Until Scirocco isn't perfectly satisfying VW Big Bosses, and until it is not performing as it has to, it won't be released. Of course it must satisfy Dev team, too.
In the meantime, in order to reach this contractual target, tyre physics must be improved, and who knows what else. (Serious) Game developing is not an easy task.

Just take your time Devs!
scirocco is also in nfss and i doubt it's performing so well that vw is satisfied with that...imho there are no such conditions for lfs team
What happened is that it's not just changing a few lines of code here and there and everything else will still work but quite the opposite apparently. Scawen coded a new tire model to find out that the old model for tire wear and heat couldn't be used anymore so he had / has to recode that too. The Scirocco comes with limited Setup options so the basic setup needs to be "realistic" to drive. And as todays cars have from what I think a more sophisticated suspension than the current LFS model can simulate it needed to be redone as well. Not speaking of that one system affects the other.

If that all justifies the time it's been taking so far is another matter, it's definatly not an easy task.
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[OLD] Tyre Physics Progress Report
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