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Quote from JazzOn :your converse into LX6 is fail parts from the black mask of the LX4 is visible on the LX6 incase you didnt notice

besides that quite nice!

Oh yeah... Didn't notice that....

And thanks, it's nice to see someone enjoying my work !
#453 - Uke
That looks awesome!
Thank you and no problem.
ken block
can some one make me a ken block skin for lx4 and 6 plz ty
:wtf2: Some of you here are really trying to be more catholic than the pope.

Calm down...
Quote from LFSn00b :Bored at school again... Anyone doing a preview will be rewarded again :P

Was bored at home while being sick, so I made some.
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Sort of based on a real one.
I'm sure someone else can do better for LX6.
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Just a quick skin I made on my free time.

Preview coming soon.
its a little bit copypasted i think..... but danny the prob is that it has some mistakes..... like the template of number
personal was done in about 5 min. please dont use or modify thankyou
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LX6_logitek lx6.jpg
Quote from logitekg25 :personal was done in about 5 min. please dont use or modify thankyou

You missed the sides of the rear mudguards. You should try modify the logo so it says 'doriftos' seeing as you've used the one side mirrored drifter style.
the logo fit the car shape kinda, so i decided to reverse the logo...i was thinking it was kinda drift like...but whatever lol where did i miss

EDIT: o crap
Well this is the first skin I have created in a loooong time!

One of my friends does alot of karting and has created his own team "vrindu racing"... he has used the skin for another game, so I decided to bring the team/skin to LFS
Quote from Chrisuu01 :I like em simple but not realy that skil heavy i hope to see you try some more andvanced stuf.

yes I will come back with more, was just few test skins I made to get to know the program.
Got A Couple

Made to look like a half restoration, modified version of the default LX4_AMON Skin

Oly thingI might chage is the Grill onthe LX6 I completely forgot about it

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Quote from Blade3562 :modified version of the default LX4_AMON Skin

The only little bits you have done to it are worse than ugly.

LX Skins (All)
(538 posts, started )