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LX Skins (All)
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LX Skins (All)
Post skins here for the: LX4 & LX6

  1. ONLY Post Finished Skins
  2. If you have a screenshot, please post the skin file also (not a requirement, but would be nice).
  3. If you have the files hosted elsewhere, please DO NOT use [IMG] tags for screenshots, etc. It will make the thread load slower for 56k users.
  4. Try to keep the chatter to a minimum, new people are viewing this thread to find themselves a nice skin, they don't need to scroll through pages of text to finally find something. If you want to comment on someone's skin, that is fine, but please... everyone is exploring their own creativity and personal tastes, so be supportive.
Thank You, and happy skinning! :cool:
#2 - Rob76
Personal LX skin

Used with LX4 and LX6
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#3 - (SaM)
Author: Diesel
Type: An S2 LX6 skin.
Use: It's a public skin so it's available to anyone. Feel free to add your own number and upload it under another name.
Resolution: 1024 x 1024
File Size: 145KB
Comments: This skin is inspired by the Caterham 7 in British racing green.
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sam that is the only skin i have actually downloaded myself.. its fantastic.
Lucky Strike livery for the LX-6, an old S1 skin that I ported over.
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hi. here's a skin I did for S-1 and converted over to S-2.

@resound: you did that skin? I got it for S-1
LOL now I'll get it for S-2
Aww... I shoulda made a better screen shot
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LX4 Skins
Here's a zip file of four colour schemes for the LX4. My first ever attempt at 'skinning'. Indeed my first acquaintance with 'The Gimp'. Have tried to make the LX4 look a bit more realistically like a Westfield/Caterham 7; with bare alloy panels, and carbon mudguards, and stuff. Hope readers find these useful. Expereinced skinners, please don't laugh too much.
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"She might not look like much kid, but she's got it where it counts." Bit of rust, bit of primer, haven't quite got around to repainting that replacement second-hand right hand rear guard, needs a wash...goes well though. And it passed scrutineering...what more do you really need?
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Lx6 Subaru World Rally Team
I'm pretending mine has an EJ25 in it.
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Based on Graham Fennymore's Powertrain Caterham Challenge car of this year. Pic: ... donington/Fennymore01.jpg

(I'll probably change it slightly when the final S2 LX6 model is released)
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had a go at one for this car

anyone can use it as long as theyre ok with racing about with my name
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First skin for the sexiest car in LFS. Fictional (and not that original) colours.

Same version for both LX6 and LX4.
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chakra, gishuk, deggis, nice work! LXs are a highly under-used car imho and I love to see good skins being done for them. Definitely my favourite LFS cars (along with the UFs).
Quote from Hankstar :chakra, gishuk, deggis, nice work!

Quote :LXs are a highly under-used car imho and I love to see good skins being done for them. Definitely my favourite LFS cars

Couldn't agree more.
Chakra, I love your skin, but I have one remark.

The dark panel in the front is larger on the LXs than it is on the car where you based your skin on, so I think the skin would look better if you just coloured in the entire LX panel in stead of replicating the real car with a line right across it...

To clarify a bit, here's what I mean (the blue nose):
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[Jyri], have you done that skin in Paint? It looks like it. The design is good, but the quality is horrible honestly. Look at the pixeled lines and the low quality compression.
I'd recommend any program but Paint to do skins in. I'd recommend Photoshop CS2 or PaintShop Pro.
It look fine in the game

ps: Paint rules
(deggis) DELETED by deggis
I'm no skinner, but I can honestly say that Paint does not rule
Apart from the Paint factor it's a cool skin!
Alright why is no one making skins for the LXs, these are a becoming a fun class, especialy the LX4. I pose a challange to the great skinners in our comunity.

Build us a complete LX4/6 race grid worthy of your skills.

LX Skins (All)
(538 posts, started )