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An incredible amount of work... thankyou very much....
Oh my god it's awesome! Nice work Lynce.
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Quote from Nitrous13270 :Well, what do I do with the sky files? They all appear as .raw for me instead of .dds

I think that they go to the data/pic folder.
FOr those that are registered on our website, I've added all the files as a complete download for ease (excluding music)

CLICK HERE to use download mirror
As I've said many times over MSN, brilliant work mate! I'm excited to see what Arias has.
I found a bug
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Amazing work mate
Great work !
:wow: This is such a great feature i mean my god Im loving this teh sheer quality is amazing im just blown away.

At first i was just like hmm lets cheack it out fot bit then i dowlaoded it and dragged it openen LFS and i was just blow away

I was waiting for your stuff since you first time let us know about coming mega changes in Live For Speed.
Thank you for your great work, I'm amazed, no disappoints or sorrows. TOP WORK! Thank you Lynce, the developers should consider with you and mind you. 5/5 stars and huge respect. You are great! :lovies3d:
This is awesome Lynce, this is just awesome

Time to show my friends that LFS can look FREAKING good
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Yo de ti me estaria poniendo colorado con tanto alago Lynce, XD
Fantastic work!
Thinking of making a Install Vers (.exe) for users?
Great work!

Now all we need is a lightbar for cops *wink wink*
Awesome! Nice job mate!
Very nice, amazing job mate !
Lynce you are a genius :bowdown::bowdown:
the detail on the tyres is just A MAAA ZING!...!!
REALY REALY REALY REALY awsome work Lynce! it look´s a loooot better now! keep working!

Quote from morpha :Fortitude mirror
I added a single file download containing the whole pack, total size 127MB.

thx a lot! it´s realy nice to download with 2 mb/s instead of 30 kb/s
Quote from Flame CZE :I found a bug

who looks there^^