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The Revolution Pack. April 7th, 2009.
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Lynce, your post got MegaUpload DDoSed

edit: new page, woooooohoo, no more 1337mb of pictures.
awsome work All of the ppl who have helped u with this Lynce..

"read that it´s a few involved.."

hope to see more stuff´s like this coming some day from u mate..
#53 - Byku
Beautiful!! Realy mate, awesome work!
Exelent Lynce!!
Great job my friend.
The new standard indeed!

I am truly in awe of you Lynce, and frankly a lot of people owe you a great deal! Thank you so much for these, seriously.

+1 for the .exe, though I'm not going to be waiting for it before I install these, I'm downloading straight away!
Quote from Flame CZE :I found a bug

I know. But normally is not visible in normal views. Thank you.

Quote from Logicalx :Thinking of making a Install Vers (.exe) for users?

I don't know how to make it. Can you help me?

The trouble is that there are options.

In this space, for me, there are a simbolic quote from all users.

Quote from Lynce :All users. Thank you very much.

I really read them, all posts and only I can say, thank you very much. I read each post an see his nick.

I'm really glad for all words. Is not posible to quote all posts. It's unlimited.

Waiting for Arias SFX part. Not too much addons but with high quality.

Updated the second post with new links from helper users. Thanks too.
Lynce, you can create installer using freeware Inno Setup or NSIS.
Lynce, muy bueno amigo, te felicito mucho, lo voy a usar , mucha gracias.
Some of those screenshots look absolutely incredible. Great work, Lynce I've only tested it very very briefly in LFS (about 30 seconds or so) but it looks awesome. This is really gonna add something to LFS.

Thank you for all your time and effort. It's much appreciated, but I'm sure you know that
Lynce, haven't you thinked about making some high quality interiors for cars? Because all your works are just awesome, and if you could make some interiors, that would be great!
btw - Tested this pack for about 2 hours, looks incredible!
simply - the best
Yea HQ interiors for cars

Like RB4 its realy needet at this car

Regarts Heiko1
EDIT: Feck, .exe scrapped. It didn't help much anyway - just saved ~2 minutes of your time. Sorry.
wow, my lfs sudenly has 1.890.734.080 Bytes
That's nothing compared to my 3.7 gb :P

Anyway. I never was looking at graphical side of lfs.. I'm here to race, not to look at it. But i did tried it and i'm happy i did. Great work. Only the previous bug shown earlier is little too visible(actually is totally visible from the car and therefor annoying).

You sir are one talented man!!
Quote from kamo2000 :That's nothing compared to my 3.7 gb :P

wow, you must have every S2 patch!

My folder is 1.75GB, even with a few backups, and a folder of modz!
HIres skins, thousends of setups, hundrets of replays.. I don't have mods in it.. OT sry.
Quote from kamo2000 :That's nothing compared to my 3.7 gb :P


Ontopic; amazing job on everything this pack has to offer, i absolutely love it!
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Thanks man ... greatest work ever
lol worth the sacrifice.
only lfs.. has almost 20g with Vid´s on another hdd..

this cointains: replay´s,
servers, modd´s, skinns over 500mb only and so on..

and again Lynce.. REALLY nice work
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Some fantastic work in here, great job!
Great job! Thanks for sharing it with the community
Ohh DAMN! Really hot!
Ufffff te la comistes loco... tremendo trabajo... felicidades

The Revolution Pack. April 7th, 2009.
(542 posts, started )