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LFS World [WAS] down !
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i would lol if he did that
or u open it and u get rickrolled
Quote from jwardy :i would lol if he did that
or u open it and u get rickrolled

Quote from Byku :OMG GUYS! We're going to get ONLY THE SCIROCCO! Jesus... it will be slower than TBO, couse it is heavier and has less power, it will have TC, ABS, ESP and maybe electronic diff(whatever it is :P). Cut the c*** about getting different stuff. There will be ONLY Scirocco in this patch, and by only i mean there will be NOTHING else, and if(somehow) there will be... then You will be at least positively suprised. Oh man... for the first time I am starting to get annoyed... and when it will be? NOBODY knows, personaly i hope that we will get it in this month, but i'm starting to doubt that. April maybe(at 80% in my opinion).

And it will have limited setup options.

You must have missed the graphical improvements, spinning brake discs and improved shadows then? Also you probably missed the post from Scawen telling us that he is working on stuff that we know about and stuff we don't know about.
Quote from dontpannic :...

... ok ... well... except that . It's just annoying that people are thinking that they might get more(Scirocco GT24 WTF), because it will only disappoint them propably. Yeah we will get Scirocco... and Scawen MIGHT be working on more complicated suspension(multilink in the back ftw), but we certainly won't get anything more or at least as significant as Scirocco in this patch propably. Scawen said so himself. So there will be no Scirocco GT.

We will get Scirocco and some minor updates and that's it. There will/might be physics updates in this year but not in this patch(Scawen said that his main focus will be physics and some other important improvements which will be important for community).
Quote from Byku :...

Lol, they are the things I know we're getting. I wouldn't be expecting a Scirocco GT - they don't even exist in real life yet and I doubt that VW are counting on LFS to design it!
i was kinda hoping i'd fly back in from work, the servers would be upgraded, and we'd have a new test patch, but ah well :P 1 out of 2 ain't bad i spose
Hi, i cannot logon to LFSW and with my correct user data. Anyone has a solve for this problem, or a suggestion ?

keep racing
Quote from The Very End :I am going to laugh my ass off of all the sad people who will soon realise this is just a maintaince and not a patch

Give me permission to lagh with you please

And there is no VW hotlap chart..

LFS World [WAS] down !
(110 posts, started )