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Make sure you have the option enabled "AI use same setup" (or something similar). Also try disabled as well, might be an improvement..

But AI "learn" the track. They do this through practise. Set a 100 lap race with 10 AI, and then just pit, and let them race... Grab a coffee, go see a movie, go to sleep. When you come back they should be considerably faster.
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Well I've always hoped for an informative race interface for LFS, and here it finally is! Great work Victor

  • Text size needs to be independent to zoom level
Suggestions (in order of difficulty)
  • Highlight road (perhaps in a transparent grey colour, of course in a layer beneath the cars)
  • Show fastest lap as well as previous lap time
  • Show number of pit stops
  • Have absolute time gap between racers (When gap is more than 1 lap, perhaps "X Laps + YmZs")
  • Absolute time gap switches to relative when player is selected
  • Ability to rotate map so that it can fit on screen easier. For example if Aston was rotated 90degrees it would fit on a widescreen monitor much nicer.
Other than that I can't think of much else at the moment... I've always wanted to somehow have a second monitor set up for race details, now it is a possibilty (in fact a sinch!)

Great work once again Victor
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Perhaps the OP has dialup / slow internet and is wanting to download it at school and take it home to play on his own PC...

How about changing the extension of the file to anything other than .zip / .exe... Just make it .abc., and then uploading it?
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Quote from LFSn00b :My WMP doesn't read OGG's, and i'd like to listen them while i'm not in LFS.

This is a plugin from the official OGG website, which allows you to play OGG in WMP.
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It is definitely over heating. Try with the case door off, if it still persists, (temporarily) try with a small fan directly blowing into the case.

If overheating is the problem, another thing you can do is "underclock" your card. Follow guides for overclocking, but instead of increasing clock speeds, decrease them. Try decreasing 2%, then 4% etc. until these problems cease. This isn't the ideal answer, but it will allow you to use your dying 6600GT a little longer....

Also be sure to remove any dust from the 6600GT's heatsink and fan.
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Quote from Raas89 :I found out that G was unusable because of Xfire G was one of the letter to take screenshot.

About the crashing. Dont know either what to do. At the moment its fine. Hope it wont happen again

Thank you.

Try LFS without X-Fire.... If that fixes your problem, try then using X-Fire with the in-game option disabled for LFS.

LFS doesn't like X-Fire on my PC.
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You have found the right forum to work out the problem.

First of all, try starting LFS with all other extra background programs shut down... This includes Messenger, skype, ICQ, virus scanners, X-fire etc. etc.

If it works, then try restarting it enabling one extra background program one by one, until you find the culprit.

If this doesn't work, get your son to re-download the whole game from the official website ( It is around 120mb. You don't have to unlock it to test it out; it will be in demo mode. If it works fine, then go ahead and unlock it.

I am not sure if the licensing system has changed, but it used to be you could have a maximum of 3 unlocks, and if you used 1 unlock, you would be given a new unlock credit each month.

Good luck
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Quote from Lotesdelere :With my X2 version I can't join X10 servers, they are greyed in the servers list (wrong version).
I have no problems to join X9 servers though.

I'd prefer to have an option to disallow chase view mode than to force a specific view TBH

I assume those X10 servers have forced the cockpit view, and you need X10 to join....

Would that classify X10 as being an incompatible patch??

But it has been released via the auto update system, so everyone will have it anyway.
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Quote from Becky Rose :I had the 'privelege' of being one of those who discovered the fairly significant bug in the last test patch, I know Scawen's heart sank when it came to fixing it as we where talking about it at the time and the poor lad was already exhausted and faced an all night session to fix it.

On the plus side a much requested and thought to be 'sometime in the future maybe/possibly' feature - a server join queuing system - is what Scawen was talking about using as a workable solution, so out of something bad comes something great

It's just that we might have to wait a little longer for it whilst the poor haggarred developer wipes the bags away from under his eyes.

Thanks for the info Becky

Also regarding the question "What time will patch X be released?", I don't think this is such a silly question. If I can remember correctly, I vaguely remember each major patch being released at a certain time of the day. But perhaps Scawen will want to get this out the door ASAP considering it will probably be slightly past his deadline.
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Could you please be a bit more specific southamptonfc? I.e. which version you upgraded to, and the previous version you were using.

Version W iirc has V-Sync enabled by default, which in some circumstances can lead to a loss in frame rate. Also, I do believe the default LOD (level of detail) is set much higher than previous versions.
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Quote from JasonJ :From>

Most likely

YES: Using XBCD360 drivers

But I couldn't install the XBCD drivers, mainly because I could not get windows to remove the devices as per the instructions, as they weren't in the device manager as described. Maybe your laptop will work. Maybe I had the wrong version of DirectX(9.0b) I dunno. I got a refund from EB Games and bought a LogiTech Dual Action for $50AUD.

That site looks awesome, thanks alot.

I also baught the Logitech Dual Analogue Rumble Wireless (Cant remember exact name) from EB for $46 - got them to price match - but didn't bring it with me OS. Picked up a genuine 360 wired controller here for about $33AUD so it's not too bad I guess. And you definitely can set right and left triggers to be independent. Thanks alot for the link, will try it when I get back to Tokyo on Sunday.
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Good thread.

Unfortunately I went out and bought a genuine wired 360 controller. I too find it extremely twitchy.

People have mentioned XBCD drivers? What are these? Are these the default drivers from microsoft? I downloaded something from microsoft, but all it was was a program that brings up the xbox symbol when I press the green round button on the controller, and LFS did not like it. With the XBCD drivers, could one change the sensitivity of the controller in windows?

Also, is it possible to have the left and right triggers as seperate axis? At the moment, default is combined, and I can not find any option to change it in windows.

Thanks alot for your help guys, glad I found this thread.

Also to others, I do have a Logitech DFP, just I'm away from home for a long period of time and wanna play LFS on my laptop I have absolutely no doubt in highly reccomending a proper wheel set up to anyone that still believes a gamepad is suffice!
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Provided that it is correctly detected and supported by windows, you will definitely be able to use it!

Another thing to note is that Xbox 360 wired controllers are officially supported by Windows, and the wireless controllers work if you buy an official Microsoft Xbox PC USB receiver, about $25AUD.
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Quote from Victor :so you're talking about online pb's right? Because it's always very tricky these things, as they can be cheated. So a global % is (near) impossible to create due to no standardisation (or at least it wouldn't be 100% accurate)

I'm not sure I follow. A percentage of what? The time of a certain track / car combo, averaged over _all_ other LFS racers?

Or would there be average times for all combo's and you could compare your times to them?

So there would for example be a page, looking a lot like your own online stats page, but filled with average pb's?

I think what the OP is requesting, is that alongside your PB, a percentile statistic will be displayed. For example, if the WR on BL1 with BF1 is 54.00, and your PB is 55.00, and out of 1000 people that have completed more than 50 laps with this combination, you are the 200th fastest, your percentile would be 80% (or would it be 20%?). I think this is a great Idea.

Burnzoire, do you think this should be displayed each time after 50 laps that you set a PB, inside LFS? Or just displayed on LFSW?

This could be very handy, because when you are viewing your (or other's) PBs on LFSW, unless you know the WR off by heart, you would not know exactly how good it is. For example, instead of 55.00 for your PB, 55.00 (20%) would indicate that you are in the top 20% of all racers who have completed 50 laps or more. It would give much more information and meaning to the PB charts.
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Quote from Cr!t!calDrift :Pff..

With the dawn of technology, they still don't trust it..somewhat..

Even from a trusted source like Live For Speed

Older folks will never trust credit cards on the net... It is 100 times safer than giving your number on the phone. Anyway, soon as you can apply get a Visa Debit card (you should be able to get one even if you aren't 18 (or whatever adult age is in your country)).

Demo racers should look into it
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Quote from HRT SHAUN :i noticed in mp if u reset the car u get rid of damage and tyre wear, like in single player

Shaun, this is a new feature since W9, basically the server can have arcade like reset (Resets position, tyres and damage), or no reset at all..... Scawen wants the majority of sim servers to have no reset option at all. Unfortunately there is no middle ground (No position reset only).
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Quote from DragonCommando :Its unnecessary now, but I was thinking about when we get full rally stages.

It would be cool to have a co-pilot that tells you whats coming up next.

If and/or when the Rally pack is released, if the tracks are long enough, I am sure it will have such navigation built in.
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Thanks alot guys for your replies, in particular Dannynet.

Up until now I have always been a desktop user, and I am well aware that no integrated graphics is going to ever come close to a dedicated graphics card.

I need to buy a laptop within the next week or two as this year I'm overseas for the year. Basically I was just wondering whether I should go for a Macbook (Intel GMA 950) or pay about $600AUD (perhaps about $400 Euro) extra for a Macbook Pro which has an ATI X1600 dedicated card with 128MB of dedicated GDDR3 ram....

I would'nt be playing LFS that much this year anyway, and will definitely go back to desktop after... So I'm thinking to go with standard Macbook, then perhaps spend the $600 on an 8800GTS and a Core 2 Duo or something when I get back home. But it sounds like I should be able to run LFS at 1280x800 on minimum details and hopefully should be playable... Lets not forget that the Macbook comes with a Core 2 Duo 2.0Ghz processor

Anyway, thanks for your help guys, I'll post my findings in a week or so time.
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Quote from JamesK :30fps is more than bareable, lol ... anywho, its not quantity but quality that matters, my cheapy Samsung laptop has 128Mb dedicated so I'm surprised a Powerbook would be available so lowly specced.

Sorry, its a standard macbook. Yeah 128mb integrated graphics, 512mb integrated graphics, 1gb integrated graphics (if such a thing existed) would all be out classed by my old GeForce 2 Ti with 64mb of dedicated memory!

I was just wondering what to expect.
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Quote from CSU1 :Thats my specs 64mb of ATI video mem integrated with 3.2ghz p4 chip @ an average of 30 - 40 fps, bareable at best.

Well I was under the impression that LFS used next to no video card memory as the textures were relatively small... Either way it's dynamically expandable to 224mb... But it's all crap I know.

CSU1, what resolution ?
LFS on a laptop....
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I'm going to buy a laptop next week, and was just wondering what sort of performance I can expect from integrated graphics...

I am thinking on the latest black macbook (Core 2 Duo 2.00Ghz, 1Gb DDR2 (might upgrade to 2gb later), 1280x800 resolution and an Intel GMA 950 integrated video adapter with 64mb of shared ram, running XP SP2.

Basically I'd be happy if I could un it at 1280x800 - native resolution - at a good frame rate, with level on low. The CPU is extremely powerful so this might make up for the video card. (or lack there of).

Surely there is someone else that has one, or another laptop with the Intel 950 adapter. Please let me know of your experiences.


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Quote from pearcy_2k7 :Hi, i was just wondering is it possible to use the xbox 360 microsoft racing wheel on lfs by linking it to the computer somehow cheers.

You could purchase the official microsoft xbox 360 USb receiver for wireless peripherals thingy... Costs about $25 AUD. I doubt that FF would work very well though....
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Quote from Riders Motion :My pc is 6 years old and I run everything to the best

Tip is to get a good card

I know, but there are still alot of players out there with much older PC's, or laptops with on-board graphics...

Quote from BarretOocR :Game Freezing
Just not to bore the Admin I’m saying there is some problem in the V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, patches ever since it was released my game will freeze up to 0 Frames, Still game. I know of someone who else has experienced it at the same time as me is it your servers cause it cannot be my computer its Brand New Dual processor 64 bit media Windows .It’s really hard to get info on the Freeze ups but I think there are more out there experiencing this .

Barret, could you explain the freezing a bit more? Does it completely lock up, sound and all? Is it in multiplayer only? Does it happen periodically? Does it happen in other games?
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Quote from Scawen :This is another option I think I should turn on by default. Nowadays with LCD monitors, the true frame rate is never more than 60 Hz, and full screen vsync means that LFS will render at that same frame rate and there will be no "tearing" of the picture, and no total wastage of drawing frames that will never be seen, and also a little CPU saving so LFS can deal with other things like the internet connection, and your computer has time to update other services as well, in between frames.

Basically full screen vsync has a lot of advantages now. I have just set it to be on by default in my version.

Scawen, Allthough I always have VSYNC turned on by default for every game in my video card driver settings, VSYNC can have a negative effect on older machines.....

Please have a quick read:

Basically, if the machine can't produce 60fps, the frame rate sometimes caps to 30fps..... (without "triple buffering")...

So perhaps in the options, you could have a little explanation next to the VSYNC option saying "disable for older PC's".... or "recommended for fast PC's" or something...

PS Good work as always with the test patches
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Quote from ethan520 :The monitor's native resolution is 1280x964
why should i get it to turn onto 800x600?

Because you'll get a much better frame rate recording video at a lower resolution.