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New Version 0.6F and Progress Report
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New Version 0.6F and Progress Report
Dear LFS Racers,

Today we release an new update of Live for Speed with 3D support and announce another version that is coming soon with a much improved Westhill track.

Version 0.6F:

Available today and well tested by forum visitors, this new update supports 3D devices including TVs, projectors, headsets and the Oculus Rift. While developing it, we also moved onto DirectX 9 which allows for better graphical effects in future while still allowing LFS to run on older versions of Windows and on Linux (using the Wine compatibility software). This version remains fully compatible with 0.6E with many improvements and fixes.

Read more about the patch and how to get it on the 0.6F information page.

Westhill Update:

Available soon... as the development for S3 has been taking some time, we thought it would be good to update something for our existing license holders. The best thing to update was the Westhill track which was always sparse and underdeveloped. The International configuration has been improved in many places, particularly in the twisty sequence of bends in the far corner which is now more challenging. There is a new National configuration, bearing off from the International track after the first right and left bends, involving some interesting gradient changes and technical bends. The scenery has been developed to a higher level of detail and you can drive around the access roads in the open configurations.

You can see images of the new track on our screenshots page.

The configurations are complete and good to drive. At this point Eric is still finishing some buildings and filling some holes in the scenery. Scawen is making some improvements and optimisations to deal with the higher level of detail. We expect to release this version for testing in a few weeks, but remember that sometimes interesting things can come up that make things take a little longer than planned.

Further Progress:

After the Westhill update, Eric will continue with the S3 tracks he has been working on. Scawen will continue with the new tyre model. The new tyres currently feel good to drive but some work needs to be done on heat, pressure, friction, tyre load sensitivity and wear which are all closely linked.

- LFS Developers
#3 - Nikn
Congrats on this new release Scawen and thanks for both the work done on this patch as on the continued developement of LFS.
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Screenshots for comparison Anyway thank you for a nice report!
Attached images
I have hard time recognising the track from the screenshots, it looks really nice! Can't wait to get my wheels on it.

Thanks for all the work.
ScaViEr remains full of (good) suprises *rejoice*
#9 - troy
Nice report, and we even got some lovely pics with it. Thanks a lot.
Great to see these updates guys, really nice work.

Can't wait to drive "new" Westhill.

Keep it up!
Can't wait for Westhill
Really nice update for Westhill!
:jawdrop: thats a big difference and thanks for update
Westhill HD remake () looking good!
#15 - pipa
That is beautiful, great work Scavier.
Can't wait!
Those trees have grown just the right amount . Great grass color choice, much better looks overall!

One hugely positive thing i discovered recently, during the DX9 test patch phase, is the disappearance of input lag with V-sync enabled. For 7 something years this bugged me
wow , cant wait to drive westhill !!!
Thank you so much :]
The new Westhill looks awesome, can't wait to set some PBs on that! Thanks guys for the update and the progress report , keep it up!

I wonder if there were enough changes on existing Westhill line to reset the PBs for WE?
Holy shit! I can't believe that is still Westhill! I didn't notice at first. Great job.
Quote from MandulAA :The new Westhill looks awesome, can't wait to set some PBs on that! Thanks guys for the update and the progress report , keep it up!

I wonder if there were enough changes on existing Westhill line to reset the PBs for WE?

Yes, very much so - see the picture of the chicane on the far end of the circuit. The line can no longer basically be like a ), it now has to be like a s - actually requiring effort to navigate

I will look to ensure that NDR organize an enduro (or some other race) on the new configuration to take place as soon as feasible after release.
Westhill looks brand-spanking new! Good work Scavier!

Quote from Bmxtwins :And this just bought LFS another 3 years!

Straight on!
And this just bought LFS another 3 years!

New Version 0.6F and Progress Report
(453 posts, started )