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New Version 0.6F and Progress Report
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#26 - Be2K
those new Corners are awesome!!!

Cant wait for it!!!! NICE!!
YAHOOO! i belive it!
My friends talk me, that LFS is dead, that authors loose interes. but i belive!
Sorry for my eng : -)
If you'll make such HD remakes of the other tracks, uuuhh.
Quote from Scawen :...but remember that sometimes interesting things can come up that make things take a little longer than planned.

I think we know that by now . But the new westhill looks really nice, can't wait to drive on it.
Nice update!

Nice westhill track, very impatient!
Quote from FireMike15 :If you'll make such HD remakes of the other tracks, uuuhh.

That would be unimaginably astounding!
So that's what this incompatible patch is about
There is a pretty big quality gap between - let's say RB4 and VWS, or FE and Rockingham, so it's good to see that you are still willing to update the old content. It's been 6 years since the last content update aka patch Z...

Can't wait for the test patch. I'm glad that the progress report was a bit more detailed than my prediction
Welcome "back" Scavier Don't loose the momentum, keep it up
Nice to see Westhill getting another configuration, looking forward to it and whatever else is in the works.
Thanks for the update!
I wonder if it was planned when current tyre model was developing: You can go 44 laps (more than 45 minutes race) on Slick R1. And this is true for many other tracks...

So the point is: it is hard to test those tyre dynamics properly (because you need lots of data), so why to bother making it perfect?

Anyway, these are good news after a bad day

Run LFS! :auto:
#38 - troy
btw, any chance for some higher res screenshots? 1024x576 is pretty low.

edit: thanks NotAnIllusion
#39 - CSF
Oh my, is that a PROPER chicane in LFS in one of those shots?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! PROPER chicane!!!!!!!! Holy hell.
My computer Restarted Today twice , close for no problem and then open again ...
Great to see another release on the content side and the end of the content hostage saga after 6 years.

Lets hope this will give LFS the much needed injection of life it deserves.
Keep up the good work
Time to plug wheel in after a year out, Just as soon as I finish work tomorrow ....
Thanks Scawen
Quote from Flame CZE :Screenshots for comparison Anyway thank you for a nice report!

Bloody hell...slight difference....Cheers for that Flame

The track looks absolutely amazing!
wow! Thanks news! AMAZING!

S3 CONFIRMED! Wasn't Fake! since in 2009. 5 years! well done lol.
Thanks for the update, looking forward to new Westhill, looks very different to drive.
Westhill update just blew my away, it looks so much better! Eric has surely done some great work regarding updating Westhill, judging from those pictures, it looks absolutely amazing. Can't wait for the next update so we all could have a go!

Also, thanks for the latest update, Scawen. I can't wait for the next update and I hope you guys keep the momentum!

..god, that updated Westhill version looks so nice!... damn, can't stop browsing through the latest pictures. At first I thought, ''well, is this REALLY westhill?! ''.
Wow, Westhill really looks like a proper, modern track now! Great to see the high level of details. Well done, Eric!

New Version 0.6F and Progress Report
(453 posts, started )