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Something you pass around:

- A joint.
- A joint?!
DING - 2 points!


i dunno, real or not?
either way funny

Quote from Crashgate3 :Fwens

Sorry, I'm too young for this, whom does Iggy replace?

Quote from Flame CZE :Jennifer Aniston.

Ah, thanks

Anyways, considering she looked like a teenager for the better part of her 30s you could argue that she has aged quickly afterwards, however she's still pretty fit for 45 years.
Quote from 5tag :Sorry, I'm too young for this, whom does Iggy replace?

Jennifer Aniston.
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You mean Latvia,right? Estonia are paying Eurodebts for 3 years already.
PS. Latvia has no money,so they won't get anything,unless they start to rip off the politicians.
You're right, the picture is very old.

Latvia has no money? No problem, you can make new debts to pay the other countries debts. That's how we solve problems in the EU.

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